Replacement jeans: pants that will become number 1 in 2019

Wide trousers paperbag will be the key model in 2019, because they are comfortable, fashionable and look very nice on any type of figure. These are ultra-high waisted trousers, which are usually complemented by a waistline belt and wide leg pants.

With top

There are many different styles and textures of these pants for every taste and budget. To get to the point, wear a paperbag pants, tucked into any top - whether it is a basic white T-shirt, cashmere sweater or shirt.

With a jacket

Many fashion bloggers, for example, even dress under a jacket. And it looks very stylish, especially if it is a pantsuit. Street-style stars also like to wear paperbag pants, tucking polo into them, as well as combining with a coat, faux fur coats and down jackets.

Beige colour

At the peak of popularity - pants in a cage, pants in all shades of brown and beige, as well as corduroy models.
@ thestyleograph If you are a fan of minimalism, stick to the same color scheme in the image. For example, create a stylish total-look in the same range, wearing, for example, white pants paired with a white jumper or coat. If you want more color, feel free to mix shades - for example, wear terracotta trousers paired with a purple shirt and blue eco-fur coat.

Evening image

Pants paperbag will be a great solution for everyday outfit, and for the evening image. For example, a cocktail look can be created with the help of elegant silk or satin trousers - it is enough to complement them with pumps and a seductive top.

Dress code

Wide trousers paperbag perfectly fit for business dress code. We suggest to wear black pants in a pair with a white shirt and stylish shoes with a block heel. Do not forget to emphasize the waist with a black leather belt and add the image with gold jewelry.

On every day

Looking for a trendy look for every day? Wear trousers with your favorite ankle boots or sneakers, combining with any outerwear.