7 tricks so that no one noticed that you forgot to wash your hair


We decided to wash your hair in the morning, and then ignored the alarm clock, and your hair remained dirty? The situation is familiar, perhaps, to everyone. If you don’t have time (and effort) to wash your head in busy working days, don’t worry - we will tell you which dry shampoos will help you put your hair in order and leave the house with your head held high and neat hair.

In fact, washing your hair every day is not at all worth it - otherwise you risk ruining their structure and drying it out. So, if you have oily hair and you are used to washing it every day, try stretching the gap between washing your hair for several days - this will help you dry shampoos. And, of course, they will come to the rescue if you are just too lazy to wash your hair (for example, if a complex project at work did not leave you any strength or three martini glasses drunk at a party affected).

However, even with dry shampoo (it would seem that it could be easier!) You need to be able to use it properly, so that the hair after it does not look even dirtier than before.

Here are a few life hacks, how to use dry shampoo, from hair stylist Stephanie Brown.

For prophylaxis

If you have oily hair, apply dry shampoo in advance, as a prevention. For example, before exercise or before bedtime, so that the tool absorbs sweat and secretions of the sebaceous glands. So your hair will stay clean longer.
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How much to keep?

Leave dry shampoo on your hair for at least a few minutes before removing the excess, so that the shampoo can absorb excess fat.

To eliminate fat

If your hair is already a little oily, apply dry shampoo powder on the roots. In order to distribute the product well through the hair, comb them and then hold it under the hairdryer (at the lowest temperature conditions).
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How to remove excess

If you overdo it with dry shampoo and put too much money on your hair, you can remove the excess with a hair dryer.

For a fresh styling

Dry shampoo in the form of powder is also great for those cases when you want to freshen up yesterday's styling. So, to update the styling and refresh the appearance of the hair, just apply a little money on your curls.
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How to be brunettes?

Today, there are dry shampoos of different shades - for different hair colors. And besides the fact that these products refresh hair and give hair volume, they are also an excellent tool to mask regrown roots.
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For texturing

Sometimes dry shampoo can be used as a texturizing agent - and a texturizing spray as a dry shampoo. You can even mix these tools. Many beauigolics are delighted with the Oribe texturizing spray, as well as the Redken Powder Grip texturizing powder, which gives the hair a striking volume.
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