To look like a wealthy lady, it is worth learning only 4 stylish tricks.

Without spending on the acquisition of branded items, you can create the image of a successful, stylish and confident woman. Following uncomplicated advice, even dressing in a mass market can look expensive.

In order for the image you created to look not only fashionable, beautiful, stylish, but also expensive, you need to carefully work out the creation of an individual image, and start from the selection of wardrobe from this.

There are no ugly women, but there are several dozens of cases with an inharmoniously chosen wardrobe, improper “serving yourself” - just go out and look at the ladies passing by. What is most interesting, most of all women who would not hurt to work on improving their image, is clearly not in a disastrous financial situation. But ugly looking at them brand things create a repulsive impression (yes, and believe me - to see that the clothes for such a lady are made by high-class craftsmen, only professional designers and stylists can).

On the other hand, having entered a regular mass market store, it’s quite realistic to create such an image for yourself that will make passers-by men stare at you and unwittingly turn around, because you will look very expensive, beautiful and stylish. So, let's find out what recommendations do practicing stylists give on this issue? What you need to focus on in the first place?


Any clothes in which you appear in public must necessarily be in shape - it is no coincidence that all the wealthy ladies turn to the atelier, where they sew things for themselves individually, taking into account all the features of bodybuilding. Believe me, any, even the most expensive thing that creates folds in those places where they should not be, will bring to naught all your efforts to create an image.
@ realfashionist Conclusion - if it is not possible to order things individually, make sure that the purchased clothes fit you perfectly. Take the time, effort and money on shopping - take the trouble to find what really suits you.


If you like all sorts of pictures on clothes, polka dots or stripes, then be extremely careful with them. No, the image of a successful lady does not exclude such delights - it is not all the time for her to walk in a strict business suit, but the method of drawing prints and the joints of the drawings should look perfect. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention also to the coloring - a print that “raises the price” of a woman’s image should be made in strict colors (white or black). In exceptional cases, soft shades are allowed.

Clothing made of unbreakable fabric

Looking at the outfits of successful women, you can see one very important feature - the absence of creases in the folds. This quality is provided by natural fabrics, the content of a small amount of synthetics. There is also an alternative option - now there are several natural fabrics that do not need to be ironed at all, but products made from them are indecently expensive. But there is a simpler way - to iron your thing before each exit. Once he adhered strictly.


If you want to look expensive - add white to your wardrobe. The logic here is very simple - the white color is soiled and impractical, and therefore involuntarily indicates that the owner of such a dress does not bother with “dirty work” and belongs to the highest strata of society. In addition, at the subconscious level, the white color is perceived as expensive, pleasing to itself.
@ realfashionistAlternative - pastel colors (muted). Light pink, sandy or non-hot green will also add some exclusiveness to the owner of the dress.
@ realfashionist And with black color you need to be more careful. It will look expensive only if things are sewn from high-quality, non-fading fabrics. The slightest flaws in the image here will become critical and all efforts will nullify.
@ realfashionistYou can create an image of an expensively dressed woman and with simple things - literacy is crucial in drawing up an individual style.