The older, the more valuable: 5 things that do not have to be new

If some things go out of fashion over time, fade or lose in quality. But some of them become especially attractive and chic with age.


Not necessarily heirloom. However, high-quality, expensive jewelry made from natural materials with natural stones will somehow turn into vintage, and can cost a fortune. Even if it seems to you that mother’s or grandmother’s ring doesn’t fit into your style at all, be sure to keep it with you.


Denim clothing, just not cheap, from the market, but high-quality, expensive and preferably branded, also gains more value with age than it did when buying. For example, if you rummage in your mom's closet and get out the jeans that she barely got somewhere in her youth, they just won't get the price.

Leather and suede products

It should be noted that it should be high-quality leather and suede. If the seams do not cause complaints, then shoes and accessories made from natural materials will not only serve you for a long time, but will look no worse than when they were new.
@ andotherstoriesThings with prints and logos

This is one of the most sophisticated ways to wear vintage. It doesn't matter where you found a thing, in mother's closet or in second-hand, but the old thing with an interesting print or logo of a famous brand really looks very stylish and interesting. Such a thing is sure to add a pair of extra zeros to the image.

Brand things

The Chanel handbag, released in the 90s, and other things made by famous brands, do not lose their value over time and do not go out of fashion. Moreover, they even turn into a kind of wonder, vintage, which is even more expensive than a similar product from the new collection. Collectors are not without reason enthusiastically hunting for such things, and are ready to give a lot of money for them.