Already not fashionable: 5 popular hairstyles in 2018, which is time to say goodbye

Beauty trends come and go: we tell which five hairstyles it’s time to say goodbye and which ones will take their place.

Crisp curls

Too distinct curls, like porcelain dolls, are no longer in vogue. Right now, the ball is ruled by natural fuzzy waves. To achieve this effect, curl the curls only in the middle, and leave straight on the tips and at the roots. Another way is to comb the strands or straighten them with your hands after you have twisted them.

Bright staining

Rainbow coloring has been popular for a while, but not now. It's time to move to more elegant shades, do you agree? For example, to make fashionable coloring in a shade of dark beer. Eternal classics - blond and coal black - are also still in fashion.


The ombra trend faded away. But instead of him came balayazh and shatush - staining with natural highlights and with the effect of faded strands, adding volume and depth to the base color.


"Intact" hairstyles, as if you just got out of bed, are still relevant. However, today, thanks to the revival of the trend for hair accessories, minimalist hairstyles have faded into the background. Various hairpins, clips, scrunchies and headbands are now back in fashion and make the hairstyle more intricate (even if you really haven't made any effort to create it).


The forehead (or elongated bean) is one of the most popular haircuts of modern times. Recently, however, it no longer looks as sharply as a bob. So, if you vote for a short haircut, boldly cut the hair not to the shoulders, but to the chin line, so that you have a real fashionable bob.