The biggest disadvantages of each sign of the zodiac


In truth, the Scorpios in general should be given a separate article on this topic.

Have you ever met such a person who was so perfect that you wondered how such a wonderful person appeared in your life?

Yes, their perfection was contrived. Perhaps you are artificially perfect. Just do not get it wrong.

No one doubts that you are a good person and that false-ideal person you meet is also wonderful. However, nobody is perfect. Everyone has flaws. Some people are a little rougher than others. You hurt people, and people hurt you.

Until everything is completely ruined, and you are striving to correct what you once destroyed, everything must be in order. Once someone said that as long as you deliberately do not harm yourself or someone else, it is normal to be an imperfect person.

Imperfection teaches us different things. We all have different disadvantages. The shortcomings of some people make them not get along with other people. Someone has flaws that are compatible with others.

If a person talks too much, he will be better off with those who are more patient and extremely taciturn. If both people talk little, it will be difficult for them to open up to each other.

If two people talk too much about themselves, both end up feeling that they do not have enough time to open up. These are just a few simple examples. In fact, it all depends on who you are, who you know and how you were brought up.

However, some of our features were given to us by nature. Naturally, our shortcomings are often related to the fact that each of us has a zodiac sign, because our positive features depend on this, if we speak from the point of view of a horoscope in astrology.

Read on if you want to know what your worst flaws are according to your horoscope.


You are very impatient and can not wait. You are impulsive and aggressive, so you can not tolerate inaction. You certainly love being a leader in everything and therefore must use your talents in your work.

To stay sane, you need a lot of active work and a healthy level of competition. However, you also need to keep yourself in check, even when you are competing, because your negative side of character can manifest itself even in the midst of the competition.


You are stubborn and uncompromising, which means that you do not always allow others to act in their own way. You are the owner in relation to the people of your circle. So, you need to establish a certain order in dealing with people loyal to you, whom you trust.

This is done in order to avoid unexpected or unpleasant changes in your lifestyle that may upset you. Everything is to some extent unreliable, but you will not deal with those people who will annoy you with this, like a red rag of a bull.


You are one of the most desirable people in the whole zodiac circle. You are very energetic and cheerful, but sometimes it can lead to a nervous condition in your life. This leads to inconsistency in their actions and in themselves.

You also cling to people. A little more confidence in their beliefs, and you can learn to stand alone, as well as to stand on their decisions.


You have a feeling of insecurity, which leads to all sorts of problems for your sensitive "I." This means that you simply do not tolerate criticism. You start looking pessimistic at everything, which can lead to a display of suspicion, because you cannot easily trust a person.

Your stealthiness increases, and you gradually begin to manipulate others, because you need to feel more secure. One of your characteristics is not to reveal your personal life to a person, but you must learn to get out of this tough shell.

a lion

Your ego burns brighter than the sun. Sometimes you are arrogant, and this can lead to steadfastness. You are known for your stubborn temper, which also means that you have difficulties in confronting reality.

Another problem arising from your ego is the need for approval from others. Remember that not all attention is good or even necessary.


You have probably already begun to over-analyze and thoroughly criticize all the shortcomings mentioned in this article. Cool a little and learn to feel from time to time, and not to watch. Your close people, self-esteem and achievements will be grateful for that.

There is no such thing as perfection, and your brain, inflamed with feelings, will only benefit from the acceptance of this truth. Not everything can meet your incredibly high standards, but you know this, because sometimes you don’t even meet your own standards.


Sometimes you just need to accept the fact that you have flaws and learn to live with them. Do not be afraid to live as you see fit and defend what you think or feel.

You can't always please everyone, and sometimes you hurt people too. This occurs unintentionally. So forgive yourself as easily as others.


You are cruel, but you need to stop carping at people and learn to trust them. You need to open up and reveal your depth, without fear that you or someone else will drown in them.

You need to be more concentrated, which means to be more careful about what you will continue to focus on. Not everything deserves your attention, and not everything / everything should be under control. Go with the flow and know that everything will be fine.


You should learn to open too. And do not leave. There is no such thing as obsession. You need to focus on finding people who will be in harmony with how much attention you are willing to give them.

Then you need to be honest and learn to freely give your attention and care, forgetting about your eager character and egoist habits.


You need to start looking at things from the good side. You know a lot of things, but you need to focus more on understanding, because understanding and knowing are two different things.

It will help you to be less arrogant and become more forgiving. And, who knows, maybe you can love someone or something.


Can you learn to feel as much as you think? Yes, you are reasonable, but emotions are also produced by the brain. So you just need to want to feel. This will help you cope with loneliness, if you learn to communicate with others correctly.

You spend so much time with other people, but never spend time getting to know them better and deeper, and this is the reason for your loneliness.


Learn to trust and not judge things outside of your consciousness and your emotional background. Emotions are not eternal and not always accurate. Learn to forgive so as not to be a constant martyr.

You will cease to be afraid of the past and learn to accept criticism, if you realize that this is normal, to be as imperfect as any other person.