The most terrible secret of every sign of the zodiac


We all have secrets. Although some of us have minor secrets, for example, the fact that you never change toilet paper in the bathroom of your office, others of us have terrible, terrible secrets, after which you cannot fall asleep.

But the most important thing in secrets is that even those that you think no one will know, as a rule, come up anyway. Just a shift in your eyes or a sweat on your forehead, and suddenly everything is revealed, even with your horoscope.

What is your worst secret? Well, maybe you don't even know ... yet. But if we look at astrology, the secrets of each sign of the zodiac will be revealed. So be prepared for your brain to explode.


Your most terrible secret: you never, never in your whole life have you won anything honestly. You, regardless of the situation, deceived everyone. You would even cheat by playing board games against your own child.


Your most terrible secret: you are firmly convinced that you are the most beautiful person on the planet. So much so that you feel bad about Scarlett Johansson, because she will never be as gorgeous as you. Poor Scarlett.


Your most terrible secret: you turn away from people for the most minor reasons. Of course, you can tell your friends that you abandoned this guy because he did not send you a reply message, but the truth is that you abandoned him because you didn’t approve of his collection, considering it to be “too mainstream”. The guy before that? You threw him because he had panties from Auchan. You are too superficial!


Your most terrible secret: you do not like your friends. Seriously. In fact, you go to parties and wonder how the hell these people have entered your life. Despite the fact that you met many of you personally, you realized that hatred for them brings some painful satisfaction.

a lion

Your most terrible secret: you envy everyone. It doesn't matter if someone has something or not, you envy them. And this envy is so strong that you often wondered how to get what you want. You even thought to push someone onto the stairs for it. Control yourself, woman!


Your most terrible secret: you never made compliments to others. Every compliment you made was a complete lie. Case in point: when your best friend asked you what she looked like on her wedding day, you naturally told her that she was gorgeous. But deep down?


Your most terrible secret: you are a callous manipulator and you know it. Oh, and you are even proud of it. You can talk to someone about something, if it is useful for you. In addition, your worst trait is that you don’t even feel bad about your manipulative skills. In any case, you are so proud that you cannot boast of this terrible secret.


Your most terrible secret: to be honest, you have too many terrible secrets. So on that note, just try to pretend to be a good person and take care of everyone, okay? The rest will do their best to stay away from you.


Your most terrible secret: you once stole. Or was it a robbery? You are not quite sure what that means. All you know is despite the fact that you didn't need the money, you wanted to see what it was like to steal. So you did. But as a person who is relatively calm in the shower, the “gun” in your pocket was, in fact, just your finger.


Your most terrible secret: you believe in silent revenge as no other zodiac signs believe. Your idea of ​​revenge is so cruel and so heartless, but so meticulous that you have committed dozens of revengeful acts, and no one ever guessed that it was you. In fact, your ex-best friend who kissed your boyfriend still doesn't know who replaced her with shampoo with hair removal cream.


Your most terrible secret: you slept with most of your girlfriends guys. Your explanation, if we can even call it that, is that in war all means are good and you can go this way only once. But, if sex is bad, you will never return to the second round.


Your most terrible secret: you are lying for sympathy. If your colleague comes to the office and cries about the fact that his cat died, you very much sympathize with him, saying that your brother also died, although you do not even have a brother. If you see an opportunity to lie to get sympathy, you will do it. You really have no reason to do this, but you have found that besides pity, you usually get free food.