5 minute tricks that will turn an apartment into a cozy and clean nest

Even on the saddest and grayest days, each of us may need five minutes to make the room look a little better. Regardless of whether guests come to your place and you forget to get out, or you just want the house to look better (or you want the house to look better, but you don’t want to do anything this weekend), you can have a surprisingly big impact. just five minutes. Here are five free things you can do very quickly.

5-minute cleaning is not only to make the room more attractive. 5-minute cleaning is a quick way to “refresh” your rooms, especially if you are constantly in them.

If your guests stay with you on holidays, consider setting a 5-minute alarm clock in the middle of the day. If you work at home, use regular 5-minute intervals for respite and spend them with benefit.

You think five minutes is not enough to really clean the room? Set a timer and see how fast you can do it. You will be surprised how much can be done in such a short time! And adding a few 5-minute cleanups during the day is an even more effective way to achieve a lot in a short time.

More light during the day or dim light at night

Is it day? Open the curtains and all the blinds, try to get as much natural light as possible into your home. When a lot of natural light comes through the windows, everything seems to be better. Have a few more minutes? At night? Do the opposite. Turn off the overhead light and focus the room on the dimly lit spots of warm light from lamps and candles.

Breaking the rules

We often argue about things like dustbins and overflowing bins, but when you have only five minutes, ignore all these rules and start throwing trash into hidden places as quickly as possible. But only if you promise yourself to clear these areas when you have more than five minutes.

Mending things

We do not know how you feel about when all the chairs, books and tables in the house are lying crooked, but just putting things in order can make the space much tidier. So fix furniture that has warped over time, any tables (especially the coffee table). Straighten a stack of books or magazines. It is not about always trying to live in a state of perpetual perfection - these repairs of things are very simple actions that create a pleasant effect on the overall feeling and appearance of the room.

Remove visible spots

It can be a coffee table, it can be a rug made from a material similar to a dust magnet. Use any tools you have at hand (even if it’s just your hands) to quickly remove the biggest and most visible dirt spots or pieces of paper or debris that have fallen on the floor. Yes, a full cleaning will surely make the whole room gorgeous, but a 5-minute cleaning is maintaining the cleanliness of the house between regular cleaning and this must be done so that you can enjoy your beautiful home.

Good smell solves a lot

Our sense of smell is connected with our vision in such a way that a room that smells nice and fresh will look a little cleaner and fresher. This is a powerful illusion, so you should either buy an air freshener, or you can buy a spray that kills a bad smell on some fabrics. A few sprays of organic freshener and your room is as clean as ever.