6 heartless signs of the zodiac, which almost never show emotions

Entering into a relationship with one person or another, we would least like him to be a heartless, reprehensible, intolerable narcissus.

As a rule, emotionally inaccessible people, deprived of sympathy, are considered heartless. They care and think only about themselves, not paying any attention to the problems and needs of other people.

For them, it does not matter how you confess your feelings to them, because not one word or deed will ever inspire them. They are only interested in meeting their own needs, so they prefer that all your conversations take place only on this topic.

The heartless signs of the zodiac are the following:


Ambitious Sagittarius is always aimed at the best. The problem is that most often this leads them only to self-centeredness. They become too obsessed with their plans, goals, and success. Each time communicating with you, they increasingly want to talk about themselves, discuss their achievements, forgetting to be interested in how things are with you. They are interested in your life when they need to get some information from you.


Cancers are emotional, sensitive, and prone to extreme mood swings. It is surprising to see in the list of heartless signs of the zodiac one of the most emotional ones, and yet, precisely because of its sensuality, Cancers experience a huge number of partings, each new one hardening their heart more and more. Such behavior, of course, does not contribute to resolving the problem of inherent mood swings and excessive sensitivity. The task of Rakov is to find the perfect balance between his heartlessness and extreme emotionality.


Rebellious, unusual and logical Aquarius to smart ideas and the creation of something new. Their main problem is the inability to cope with their emotions. Aquarius are not indifferent, but most often they prefer to trust logic and intellect, so they feel extremely uncomfortable at those moments when someone tries to crawl into their souls. Aquarius is not ready to share their emotional problems with others. They would rather behave detached and heartless than venture to share their weak points with anyone.


Scorpions are known for their passion and tension, which at some point can make them extremely hostile. Offended Scorpions are incredibly heartless and seek revenge at any cost. They turn into real manipulators, seek out the weak points of their offender and strike at them when he least expects it. In addition, the Scorpions are quite secretive and actively hide all their weaknesses and secrets behind the charm inherent in them.


Virgos are incredibly pedantic, hardworking, rational, practical and logical. They are distinguished by an analytical mindset. They always plan ahead, detailing even the time of each step. Their problem is that over time they become so accustomed to rely on and trust only their head, that they completely forget at least sometimes to be guided by their emotions. If someone offended them or hurt them with their betrayal, they take it calmly and almost indifferently.


Taurus faithful, patient, hardworking, but too harsh and stubborn, not willing to change. If you enter into an argument with them, be prepared that they will never change their opinions, will not compromise and will not find a common language with you. Taurus is incredibly vulnerable, so their own right for them above all. In addition, they are incredibly ambitious and mercantile. If someone decides to stand in their way, they without thinking will behave with this person extremely cold and insensitive.