Easy behavior: 7 actions of a woman who momentarily ruin her reputation

Sexuality makes a woman extremely seductive, attractive and desirable. But vulgarity is what makes it possible to become like a frivolous adventurer on her fifth point.

There are some features of behavior that are best avoided, otherwise the reputation of a slutty lady is assured.

1. Licking lips

Maybe in American comedies it looks and erotic, but in life this method is better not to use. He can immediately adjust a man to indecent thoughts that you are not licking your lips.

2. wiggle hips

Oh, this gait, when a woman twists her hips when walking, so that her back point also writes out very unequivocal circles. Men neck fold - this is yes. But still remember the heroine of the movie "Office Romance" Verochka and her lessons to her boss. “You wag your hips like an obscene woman!” Said the heroine Lia Akhedzhakova. So it is better not to do this.

3. Warm up the back

The same gesture, when you, as if tired and stretching your back, bend back and move your shoulders. In this position, your chest reaches the maximum point of protrusion and is very attractive not only to all the men present, but also to the jealous women.

4. Swaying Shoe

It would seem a very nice gesture when a woman sits with her legs crossed and shakes her high-heeled shoe. In fact, in men's eyes, it looks like a clear hint that a woman is flirting recklessly and transparently hinting at sex.

5. Low tilt

You have dropped a pen, and you languidly bending your back, bend over it. It doesn't matter what you are wearing - worn jeans or a seductive dress, but any man who sees this will instantly get excited and consider it a very frank hint.

6. Licking your finger

Sometimes, thinking, we involuntarily begin to lick a finger, pencil or pen. Well, or just nibble. At the sight of this, the men immediately trigger an association that arises in his dirty fantasies. Therefore it is better not to provoke.

7. Long look in focus

Looking straight at a man, when you look at him, without looking away, he drives him into a stupor, makes him embarrassed and shy. But it is also a direct signal to the fact that you are very interested in this object and literally hypnotize it for further active actions.