13 red signals that you chose the wrong man


Choosing a partner for a relationship, we understand in advance that it has certain disadvantages. We women are not perfect either, after all. But there are such traits of a man who should become for you a "signal rocket".

If you notice at least one of these points in his behavior, this should alert you. You should not even start a serious relationship with someone who behaves like this:

1. He constantly arouses your suspicions.

This is when he hides his phone from you. When a man never gives a direct answer to your question. He refuses to tell friends that you are dating.

2. He forces you to love yourself less

He makes you feel foolish. It makes you feel unattractive and unworthy.

3. He forces you to take the first steps.

He refuses to call you first, send a message. In general, he always behaves lazily next to you.

4. He chooses when to treat you well.

He will first indulge you for weeks, and then he will ignore you. This man changes his "settings" every few days. He respects you only occasionally.

5. He cares only about himself

This man is convinced that he is always right alone, he refuses to compromise with you or apologize to you. He also has obvious problems with taking responsibility for his actions.

6. He is the one who has no conscience

Why do you need a man who ignores your messages without feeling uncomfortable at the same time? He lies to your face without feeling guilty about it. He hurts while he sleeps.

7. It makes you feel uncomfortable.

You go on tiptoe in front of him to avoid a dispute. And he can force you to drink alcohol or have sex after you have said no to him.

8. He makes you feel guilty.

Such a man calls you too emotional when you are upset about something. And he asks about critical days every time you express your feelings. He finds a way to turn every situation around so that you become a victim and get upset over trifles.

9. He expects you to choose him among the rest.

A man who expects you to cancel your important plans for the sake of meeting him. This should also alert you. He expects you to leave work early and spend more time with him. And he openly expects you to give up everything that makes you a person.

10. He keeps secrets from you

A good relationship will not work with a man who hides his emotions deep inside from you. He pretends that he is doing well when this is clearly not the case. He hides parts of himself from you, even if you are the only person with whom he should feel comfortable.

11. He tells you what to do.

Do not enter into a relationship with a man who says what clothes you can wear and what friends you can write. He forces you to get his permission before you leave the house. He acts powerfully and selfishly.

12. He aggressively shows his anger towards you.

A man who treats you like his punching bag after a busy day. Which becomes cruel when he does not achieve his. He scared you earlier and you didn’t know what he was going to do next.

13. He showed you that you mean nothing to him.

A man who allows you to do everything alone without offering your help. The one who takes everything from you, but never gives back.