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8 features of the behavior of provincials who immediately catch the eye

As they say, the girl from the village will remain a provincial forever. Here are 8 features of the behavior of provincials, which immediately catch the eye.

1. Wrong speech

This provincial speech is replete with vernaculars, vulgar expressions and strong words. In addition, they often incorrectly place emphasis on words, change endings, confuse prefixes and incorrectly use phraseological units.

2. Shamelessness

Girls from the provinces, as a rule, are not much exchanged for the rules of decency and ethics. They can easily take an empty seat in the transport in front of the nose of an elderly person, squeeze the long line ahead, threateningly assuring "I stood" and take advantage of privileges that they do not rightfully belong to. And to argue and prove them wrong is absolutely useless - you will only be worse.

3. Scandalousness

Oh, these ladies just give vent to someone to quarrel, get nasty, or make a scandal - they won't get into the pocket for a word. Therefore, the best option is just not to mess with them.

4. Appeal clever facts

Provincial girls undoubtedly consider themselves very clever. And they do not even pretend to be highly intellectual erudition, but firmly believe in it. Moreover, their judgments, as a rule, are so short-sighted and groundless that it only remains to regret the poor things.

5. Confidence in their own irresistible

Here she goes all this - in an ultra short mini, on a 20-centimeter stiletto, with scarlet lips and blue shadows, etched with blond hair and hung with bijouterie, like a Christmas tree. And she is firmly convinced that she is the most beautiful and stunning. Well, such self-confidence can only envy.

6. The pursuit of status

Fake brands, kilograms of gold on themselves, the latest model iPhone for all to see - all this is nothing more than dust in your eyes to show your supposedly high status to others.

7. Denial of friendship

Well, she does not believe in friendship and that's it. It is impossible to be friends with men, because they are all lustful males and they only think how to get her into bed. And all women are potential rivals, enviers and bitches. Here and it is necessary to languish in proud loneliness.

8. Fearlessness

Only provincial women can get into the cars of unfamiliar men, walk in the frost -30 in nylon pantyhose and without a hat and buy food at the store for sale, the shelf life of which ends tonight. Well, bravo, and, God forbid, that all ended up well in the end!