6 powerful female aphrodisiacs that a man wants to see in you


The emotional attractiveness of a woman is the very trait that encourages a man to a serious relationship. Over time, even external beauty will lose this quality. What makes a woman emotionally attractive? The word men.

1. Your patience

Men have to put up with the need to wear certain social masks to be accepted in society, to play by the rules in order to earn. Wearing these masks all day is not easy, therefore, returning home in the evening, you want to remove them quickly.

A man needs a woman who really understands who he is, who is ready to patiently spend time together, slowly with conclusions about him. A woman who will take the time to understand what he wanted to say in one way or another. A woman who can gently stop him at the right moment.

A patient woman can do a lot to make a man calm and make the right decisions.

2. Your self-confidence

You are the way you are. Your figure may not look perfect in your presentation. But you have something that attracts a man: your unique personality and self-confidence, which is perfectly felt in a relaxed way of communicating with others.

And even if you scored a kilogram or two, a man might like it. The most powerful aphrodisiac - you yourself, self-assured and confident in their feminine attractiveness.

The worst thing you can do is talk about how fat you are or how bad you look. If they do not complain about it, you should not even talk about yourself like that.

3. Your listening skills

Relationships are not always a white stripe. There will be difficult questions that men do not like to discuss. Just during such difficult dialogues, the male reaction may seem incomprehensible. In such situations, when a man is impatient to complete a difficult conversation, try not to rush to draw conclusions from his words. Let him finish the thought, even if you don’t like it, and calmly talk to him further. This will help overcome painful topics and problems that all couples periodically face.

4. Your ability to keep secrets

In a relationship, partners tell each other different things. Some topics are very personal, others are self-analysis when a man is revealed to a woman in order to better understand himself.

In this case, you become the guardian of the male soul, so do not violate this trust. Do not share the secret details that you discussed with him, with his mother or girlfriends. The exception will be his revelations about the propensity to violence and similar topics. Having learned such secret dark sides of a partner, it is better to leave him immediately.

Another important recommendation is not to use the personal one that the man entrusted to you, during a quarrel with him. If this happens, he will decide that you should not be trusted.

5. Your open and honest communication

Men do not know how to read minds, so it is worth learning how to talk to him directly about your desires and displeasure as well. Do not expect extrasensory talents from them and do not try to read their thoughts yourself. Instead, it’s better to directly ask your question.

6. Your ability to appreciate his efforts and not expect excellence

When a romantic veil falls from a woman's eyes, she begins to notice new, sometimes unexpected qualities from her partner. At such a moment it is very important to remember that each of us has features that can sometimes annoy our loved ones.

If your chosen one is dominated by qualities that you really like, you will love him even more. Expect perfection from a partner in vain: he is the same person as you. But if you emphasize and praise his aspirations, it will inspire him more.

A woman is emotionally attractive to a man when she treats him exactly the way she wants to be treated. Being emotionally attractive means being comfortable and self-confident.

Give the partner in the relationship what you need yourself. Start by improving your qualities and you will see a decent man next to you.