Secret from a man: 7 things you can't do in his presence

Some things should never be done with a man, because they repel, turn away and expose you obviously not in the best light. So take our tips on a note.

1. Shave, do hair removal and other cosmetic procedures.

Let this sacred act better remain in ignorance for your man, since it is very personal and intimate. It is better that your faithful think that you do not need to take almost any action to be perfectly beautiful. Do not reveal all the cards and do not appear to him in a mask of acne and with natural hair color, even if he believes that all your external data is given to you by nature.

2. To go with him to the toilet

Even if you are so close that you know literally everything about each other, yet this procedure is clearly not for anyone’s eyes. Remember the elementary personal boundaries and rules of behavior and interaction with each other.

3. Squeeze pimples and blackheads

Agree, this spectacle is not the most pleasant and also very harmful to your skin. But if you still decide on this procedure, make sure that the door to the bathroom is closed.

4. Share the details of their diseases

Of course, it is quite possible to say about indisposition and poor health. But it’s better not to go into the details of your health problems in the field of digestion, gynecology and other sensitive issues. Let it remain within the remit of you and your doctor.

5. Talk about menstruation

Of course, every man is familiar with this peculiarity of the female body, so you should not share with him the details of your critical days, leave personal hygiene items in a visible place and openly discuss your own physiology.

6. Demonstrate physiological features.

For example, such as gas, bloating, picking in the nose, etc. In any case, you can hold back and not show yourself from the male side.

7. Look at him untidy and sloppy

It is not necessary to always be in full dress with a perfect hairstyle and in a seductive dress. Comfortable, neat home clothes, neatly combed hair and minimal refreshing makeup are appropriate for a home environment. The main thing that he saw that you did not run yourself and always watch your appearance.