10 things that you do not have to prove even the closest

You do not need to spend a lifetime to prove something to someone. In addition to obvious things, such as well-being and status, you especially do not need to prove to others the following things:

1. How gifted are you

You do not need to prove that you are gifted, be it in art, science, mathematics, technology, sports, philosophy - it does not matter. Having a hobby or a profession that you simply enjoy should not turn into a competition in an effort to display your talents so much that you become immune to criticism, which is very detrimental to personal growth. Criticism prevents you from experimenting and using your abilities.

2. What character do you have

You do not need to prove that you are a man of outstanding character. Character is an internal feature, people have no right to express an opinion about him or his absence. Character cannot be verified based on what you say or do, how people interpret it. And if someone thinks that you have a bad temper, you need to ask if he is good with someone who ruthlessly judges you and brags about how remarkable his character is. True character does not need to be elevated or proudly overestimated. He just exists.

3. How deep do you think

You do not need to prove that you are the deepest thinker you know. If you want to prove it, then such actions show how unsure of your mental abilities you are, how dependent you are on others. There is a significant difference between wanting to become wiser and smarter for the sake of self-improvement and to become so as to assert one’s own mental excellence.

4. How pragmatic you are

Do you often feel the need to suppress your creative and inquisitive side, because someone in the past said that you are not sufficiently pragmatic and your head is always in the clouds? If you like beautiful things, you should not feel guilty about it. You do not need to sacrifice your personal aesthetics to prove that you are a pragmatic person.

5. How happy are you

You don't have to smile all the time when inside you feel terrible. You should not constantly prove that you are happy to those who think that you smile a little, for example. It’s not up to them to decide which emotions to show you and which not to show.

6. How good may you be in the future

Whenever people doubt your potential to succeed in the future, you do not need to engage in lengthy conversations, talking about all the actions you take to achieve what they think you are not able to achieve. It is better to avoid communicating with such persons and live your own life, which is not meant to be shown, because the pursuit of greatness for the sake of external approval is a vain goal. The most important thing is your personal well-being. If you have to sacrifice your mental, physical, and emotional state for the sake of proving that someone is wrong, you will miss the opportunity to live your own life, which is unique for you.

7. How much better are you

If you find yourself saying something like: “I’m better because I can sacrifice my desires for the betterment of society” or “I’m better because I think more deeply and can be better than most” - then you are stuck trapped in comparing oneself to others and fear of condemnation. You do not need to prove that you are better than other people. You do not need to unduly compensate for your flaw by overstraining yourself. You only need to be better than you were before - for yourself.

8. How educated are you?

You do not need to keep up conversations on a particular topic or do hard work by studying what you are not even interested in, just to prove that you are well educated. You do not need to brag about your grades or the complexity of courses to those who doubt your intelligence. Those who think that you are stupid, no matter how well you have mastered a certain subject, are in any case not worth it to prove to them. You have nothing to learn from them, if all they do is point out your shortcomings.

9. How much do you not give in to external circumstances?

You do not need to proudly show your composure to those who consider you weak due to certain events. It is normal when you get upset in such cases - for example, losing something or failing. You are right to feel what you are feeling. And we must remember that external circumstances do not determine your personality.

10. How you can succeed without making mistakes

It is unreal. Very rarely do people succeed on the first try. Those who expect superhuman perfection from you are not worth pleasing or wasting your life on something for which you are not created. Only you can determine what is important and valuable to you, regardless of the opinions of others.