5 toxic habits that a woman unconsciously repels a man

I must admit: I am a toxic person. I always wondered what signs of a toxic person in a relationship, because something that my partners told me about my unhealthy behavior seemed improbable. I? Something is wrong? Never!

I always blamed incompatibility or partners for my unsuccessful relationships, who simply weren't strong enough to cope with me. “They just didn’t have what they needed,” I always thought, putting the blame on everyone else. They just didn't understand me. But what if the harsh reality is: I really was terrible and unbearable?

Here are some basic signs that you are toxic in your relationship, and how to fix it. Because we all deserve a healthy, dynamic relationship in our lives - and they must begin with you.

1. You are kept to praise

Do you avoid moments of saying nice things to your loved one or refrain from compliments when your partner deserves them? Because we all want to hear compliments from people who are dear to us. If you deliberately do not say pleasant words to your partner, trying to make him feel worse, then you cause targeted harm to your soulmate and your relationship.

The way out: to tell a man that he “looks good” or “worked well” - so you let him know that you are not ignoring him, and it is very simple. Get used every day to tell your beloved something pleasant and positive.

2. You are a flirt

Do you flirt with your boyfriend's close friends - openly or indirectly? It seems to you that this is a harmless game, but in fact it is not at all beautiful and destructive for relationships. Your partner will feel humiliated / not good enough. There are several ways to fix this, here you need to act more decisively. Stop this behavior immediately.

To find out if he cares about you, you just need to appreciate the happiness, love and respect that exist in your relationship. And do not check how jealous your partner.

3. You create tension

Do you separate your beloved from his family and try not to spend time with his loved ones? This creates unnecessary stress and forces your partner to choose between you or his family. This script rarely ends safely.

If you deliberately isolate your partner from his friends and family, it is not only toxic, but may also be a characteristic sign of emotional abuse. What should you do to solve this problem? The solution is simple: stop behaving like this. It will be enough for you to communicate with your other half.

4. You are a spy

Do you check your partner's phone and email and constantly monitor it? Over-tracking creates a toxic atmosphere of distrust, and, as a rule, there is nothing to justify such behavior. If there is a good reason motivating surveillance, then your relationship is probably not good, and you should give up.

Find out if this is your problem or is it an unhealthy relationship. If this is your problem, start trusting your partner and enjoy your relationship. If this is an unhealthy relationship, it's time to break up and find a more reliable partner.

The basis of your relationship should be trust, and if you do not trust your partner, then what kind of relationship can we talk about?

5. You are cruel

We are all angry and sometimes disagree, but there is a thin imaginary line that should never be crossed. If you become absolutely unbearable during quarrels and make caustic remarks "below the belt", you are a toxic person. It may be difficult to recognize at the beginning, but as soon as you do, you can finally make a step towards self-improvement in yourself and your relationship.

Therefore, if you recognize in yourself any of these qualities, it is probably time to engage in self-analysis. You can get bogged down in toxic behavior that could be the breakdown of your relationship. The good news is that once you define a problem, you can go directly to the solution. And if one person can turn from a toxic partner into a completely wonderful partner, then you can.