Erase from memory: 9 fashionable rules that make you primitive

We love to share with you our favorite tips and life-hacks, how easy and quick to dress in the morning. Do you know what we urge you to give up? From the annoying fashion rules you've heard all your life: “Don't mix it with this.” "Do not wear this color with this color." "Never wear it at this time of year."

We are sure that these rules are no longer relevant and sometimes even ridiculous. Such restrictions may prevent you from showing your personal style.

So, here are 9 fashion rules that you should immediately erase from your memory.

You can not combine different precious metals

Have you been advised not to combine a gold necklace with a silver chain? It is completely unjustified. Combinations of various metals, such as rose gold with silver or yellow gold with copper jewelry, are a great way to beat an image with jewelry.

Flat shoes are only suitable for everyday looks.

Repeat after us: shoes at low speed can be worn with evening gowns. The main thing is to choose a pair with exquisite design and expressive details.

Leggings for gym only

We have even forgotten when such a rule existed. If you are still shy to wear your favorite leggings outside the gym, learn from the street-style fashionistas - leggings can be combined even with an office outfit.

White color is not for winter

Do not hide clothes of white color with the onset of cold weather, in order to get it only next summer. White total-look is one of the most effective ways to refresh and refresh your image when you get tired of your winter wardrobe.

Underwear should not go beyond the bedroom

Of course, we don’t want you to run around the city in one bra and panties, but to find a discreet way to wear underwear outside the house (that is, to combine your favorite lace bustier with a jacket) is simply necessary if you want to look like a street-style star .

Tight-fitting items do not fit plus size women

There is a myth that if you wear large size clothes, you should choose shapeless models. But truth be told, it makes you look bigger. In addition, you lose the opportunity to try some of the best trends. Wearing clothing that fits the body (and not ten sizes larger!) Is the key to making you look and feel great.

Bag and shoes must be combined

By combining the color of your shoes with a bag, you can really create a delightful monochrome look. But this is definitely not a rule to follow. The combination of different patterns, textures and colors is the fastest way to make your outfit more interesting.

During pregnancy should be worn only in the department for pregnant women.

There are many excellent brands for pregnant women, but for those of you who do not even want to hear about this section, we offer to purchase several large-sized things from your favorite brand that will be comfortable and at the same time will fit your personal style. After delivery, use a belt. to continue to wear a purchased oversize shirt, for example.

Horizontal stripes on clothes are full

Wide horizontal stripes on clothes do not necessarily look bad. Find such horizontal stripes that are combined with the shape of your body. Dress of tight-fitting knitwear I - perfect.