8 signs that colleagues take you for a fool

Relationships in the work team - a piece thin and full of stumbling blocks. There are always leaders, led, "middling" and those who are used for ridicule. There are 8 signs that mean that colleagues put you in the category of narrow-minded people.

1. You are constantly given small assignments.

For example, make coffee at all, run to the store, tidy up or perform routine boring work. Such cases always go to the person who is not respected in the team and believe that he is suitable only for minor tasks.

2. Prank and make fun of you

And this is not a sweet and unkind joke. As a rule, it is caustic sarcasm, with which help emphasize your weaknesses of the individual. Draws are a separate topic. You are left in the fools, and in the meantime, the rest of your colleagues laugh and gloat over the fact that you are trapped.

3. When you enter the office, colleagues immediately fall silent

This is a sure sign that you showed up at the moment when you were hotly discussing behind your back or gossiping. You came at an inconvenient time, everyone stops talking at once or sharply transfers conversations to another topic.

4. You are mocked

Gait, style of speech, gestures. All this is done as if in a joke, but terribly offends and lowers self-esteem.

5. Colleagues pretend that you are not around

This is especially the case during any convictions: everyone speaks on topics relating only to them, pretending that you are not around. This tactic is called “hidden ignore”. You do not seem to be openly avoided, but they are doing everything to make you feel at ease.

6. Your successes are surprised

When you do something, colleagues are always stunned and genuinely amazed. After all, for them it is an extraordinary and outgoing event that you can do well with your work and be better than others.

7. You are repeated several times when giving instructions

When they give you a task, they repeat everything not once, but several. This is a clear sign that you are considered a short-sighted person, and in order to convey the meaning better, they constantly remind you of everything.

8. You are openly shown that you will not be able to achieve professional success.

Moreover, this can be said not only by the boss, but even by downstream colleagues. Everything is just so sure of your failure that they take advantage of any moment to remind you of it.