14 tips for flirting with any man


Lonely women always have a topic about how to flirt with a guy. In particular, they worry about how to talk to men whom they have never met before, or to men who seem interesting.

Basically, they want to know how to flirt with strangers. Such women are usually divided into two types:

"I talk to him if a man first starts a conversation."

“If a person starts by saying something embarrassing or embarrassing, I don’t want to talk to him.”

I say to such women that there is a third type that should be considered, namely: men are very flattered when a woman first talks to them and starts the first conversation.

Men usually make a long vulnerable walk around the bar to get closer to the company of women (we are always in the company) to ask one of the women to dance. And after that, the woman consults with all her friends if she should dance. No wonder men are relieved when you approach them.

But then the question arises: how to start a conversation with a complete stranger? You will be surprised how simple it is. So, to help you, here are 14 easy ways to start a conversation with someone who seems interesting:

Give him a compliment

1. Do you like what he wears? Say: “Good shoes! Where did you buy them? ”

2. If at a conference or seminar, and you noticed him, because he asked / answered an important question, find him at the break, tell him that his comment was interesting, and ask what he thinks about other comments.

3. At the gas station, when he refuels next to you, tell him that you like his car and ask why he bought this particular brand.

4. In the elevator, ask him to press the button for your floor. Then say something like: “You have to add this talent to your resume, because you have done so much work. What other skills do you have? ”Another good question:“ If the president got into the elevator, what would you ask him? ”

Just say hello (and look into your eyes):

5. I know it sounds too easy. But every man I said hello to was very flattered.

6. With men, this does not happen very often, so they are usually surprised, caught off guard and very happy to answer you.

Ask for something based on the situation

7. You can not dance? Ask him what dance he prefers. If you don't know any of the dances that he talks about, ask him if he will teach you.

8. You are on the beach. Ask him: “If you had an empty bottle, what message would you put in it and where do you think it would eventually land?” Then ask him if he found a bottle on the beach what he would like to see inside. .

9. If you meet him at a party, ask what route he went there. Why did he choose this path? This start may have many options for communicating further. If there are two ways to get to the place:

“Do you have a half or do you alternate them?” Or “Have you come from work? What do you do for a living? ”Or“ Do you really think that the government should spend money on this road? ”The latter can turn into a heated discussion, so be careful!

10. At a sporting event, ask him what kind of sport he would like to practice and why.

Tell about something that you know and ask his opinion.

11. At the grocery store you can say: “I like these tomatoes, because they have the best flavor for the sauce. Which ones do you like? ”

12. In a coffee shop, you could say: “I heard that even when you ask for decaffeinated coffee, there may be leftover caffeine in it.”

Try something sweeter

13. Always smile when you talk to the person who interests you. This makes it clear that you are open to talking with him and enjoying his company.

14. Here's a bonus question that is fun in any setting: “Recently, I've been thinking about the Nobel Prize. What do you think you should win a prize for? And why? "(Ladies, be prepared with your own answer to this question.)