3 qualities of a woman, without whom she is not interested in a decent man

A good man on the road is not lying. And if you have met this, you should definitely try to keep it at all costs. Even if you think that the main thing is to be yourself, these secrets are worth considering. How to keep a man close?

How to keep a man for life: the advice of a psychologist

Psychologists emphasize that problems in relationships often rest on the unwillingness of partners to work on them. Yes, and he should do it too. But before you demand it from a man, you should start with yourself.

What does a man expect from a woman in a relationship?

  • Understanding: in the end, if he needed only sex or comfort in the house, he would hire a housekeeper or find a mistress.
  • Kindness: they do not want to live with nervous aggressive hysterics, who see only themselves loved ones.
  • Tenderness: your advantage as a woman lies in this. He may be anything there, outside the house, but he wants you to be affectionate with him.

3 ways to keep a loved man and his interest in you

How to keep a man in practice so that he does not lose interest in you?

Don't stand still

A decent man will constantly evolve. Do it and you. If he goes forward and you try to drag him back, it’s definitely not going to end with anything good.

Watch yourself

He fell in love with a slender beauty, and did not want at all that after a while a neglected, heavy Madame appeared nearby. Men love with his eyes, and he will stop loving you. He will be ashamed of it, but you are sad. So maybe it is not necessary to allow this?

Listen to him

In relationships, it is very important to go hand in hand. And if your man wants to conquer the mountains, climb the career ladder or go to new, own challenges, and you try to lock him up at home, and reduce his role to making money, you will not stretch for long together.

In addition, it works even if you are a successful woman, and even more successful than him. Each person has their own needs, and this needs to be taken into account.

Is it possible to keep a man without effort

Sometimes women can seemingly keep the attention of men, without doing anything for it. Of course, in reality it is not so. What are their secrets?

  • They do not bind a man: and therefore he remains close, although he is free to leave.
  • She does not bind herself: this does not limit the man, and he gradually binds himself.
  • She is interesting as a person: this is the main condition. She is definitely unique, and it’s not easy to find a person like her.