He is perfect: 5 sure signs of a man who will become a good husband


The actions of a real man are always noble and masculine. In society, the opinion of who the "real man" is is quite vague, for someone it is a rich man, for someone strong and brave, and for someone it is none other than a prince on a white horse. So who is he and how to distinguish him from everyone else?

Men's actions for women

Based on the opinions of most women, a real man is first and foremost a leader, a reliable and permanent partner in his aspirations and goals. He is responsible for his actions and actions, protects the woman and helps to solve her problems. Such a man, as a rule, is provided, or seeks to this. He also has a good sense of humor, has been brought up, respects people, never allows himself to insult or humiliate anyone. He keeps his word and keeps promises.

Male deeds in relationships

Male actions in relationships are manifested in different ways. It may be:

Solving household, family or material problems

A man, as head of the family (or the future head of the family), will take over the decision of all these cases, or at least will play a key role.

Domestic help, care

Let the house be the care of a woman, a man should not stand aside. Especially desirable help in situations where a woman works.

Understanding of the woman and the ability to listen to her

We all have our problems. And so sometimes it is important to find a person who is able to understand and listen to you.

Ability to take responsibility

If a man is not able to answer for his own actions, then it’s simply pointless to expect from him that he will take care of you and your children.

Competent action in emergency situations

In addition to the usual, everyday problems and worries, there are those when a woman really needs a strong shoulder. And if a man is not lost in such situations, it involuntarily causes respect.

Decent man: signs

Next to a decent man, a woman feels beautiful and interesting.

  • He knows how to make compliments, behave gallantly, inspire and support a woman.
  • Next to him is easy and calm, he has a good sense of humor and self-confidence.

But there is one thing, but there are men who behave in a similar way to drag the girl into bed, the so-called pick-ups. They know how to splurge and impersonate a decent man. So having met such a man, do not rush to conclusions, get to know him better. This man will never offer you to go to him a couple of hours after they met.

How to find a decent man

First of all, stop looking for a partner and dwell on it. A woman who craves love and relationships is immediately visible, and many men use this. Become self-sufficient and independent. Stop seeing in every counter successful man a potential groom.

How to attract the attention of a decent man

To attract the attention of a decent man, first of all, you need to become a decent woman. How to do it?

  • Take care of yourself, not only with your appearance, but also with internal content.
  • Think about what kind of woman wants to see next to a real man?
  • Broaden your horizons, develop spiritually, find something to your liking.
  • And of course, do not sit at home, your prince is unlikely to meet you there.
  • Attend interesting events, exhibitions, cafes, parks, and if possible travel. When your life becomes full and interesting, your eyes will shine, you will undoubtedly attract a decent man into your life.