11 bitter signs that you love a man more than he you


You wait all week to spend time with your loved one, but when the time comes, your chosen one prefers to look more into his phone than into your eyes. And if this happens in your relationship, it may seem to you that you are more drawn to your partner than he is to you.

Is that bad. You may think that something is wrong, because you definitely invest more energy in relationships than he does, but how can you know for sure if you love a person more than he loves you?

Although this situation will never be pleasant for anyone, it is quite common. In the end, you are two different people, you have two completely different life experiences and a different ability to love. In addition, just because your feelings are stronger at the moment does not mean that your relationship is completely dead.

Step one is to identify the problem and engage in constructive self-criticism and reassessment of values ​​to decide if this is enough for you. Maybe you just feel stronger, and this is normal as long as you are happy and satisfied in a relationship. But how can you be sure that something that you think about the development of your relationship is real?

Here are 11 signs that you give him more love than you get back:

1. He rarely asks personal questions.

If someone would make you a quiz on everything related to your partner, you would easily do it. And all because you are actively interested in the life of your loved one and want to know everything about him. What about your chosen one? Here it is - hardly. A man is much less inclined to ask his darling personal questions or to remember the details of each story she told him.

2. You do not enter into his future plans.

When you think about your plans for the next five years, your second half takes the main place in them. But when a man talks about his plans for the future, he often uses the style of the sole “I” instead of “we”.

3. You always start petting first.

Yes, your partner always responds to you reciprocate, but you cannot help but notice that it is you who always initiates hugs, kisses and cuddles.

4. He does not ask your opinion

Whenever you have a choice, be it something serious, such as deciding where to move, or some trifle, like what to eat for dinner, you approve and appreciate the opinion of your partner. He, on the other hand, is rarely interested in your opinion and prefers to make decisions on his own more.

5. He does not reciprocate

You are happy to do all the little things that show him that you care about him, but he does not always reciprocate.

6. You do not feel confident in the relationship

You can’t get rid of the suspicion that if a woman comes to him suddenly, your partner will leave you for another.

7. It does not invest in your dreams and goals.

One of the things that happens absolutely naturally in a relationship when we love someone is to take care and worry about whether our loved one is achieving their goals. What is the point of being together if you cannot support your partner’s achievements? But you have the feeling that your chosen one is not as concerned about your success as you are.

8. Any relationship is too hard work for him.

Relationships sometimes require an investment of power, you need to work on them. Yes, it is not easy to recognize problems and do work to fix them, especially if it means making some changes. If you are ready to work on relationships, and your young man is not, even this means, in the end, separation.

9. You are constantly trying to make him happy.

How much time and effort is spent on making him happy? Now compare how much time and effort he invests in doing the same for you.

10. You are always the first to write messages.

Your partner is well able to respond to messages, but, again, the first to start a correspondence - not at all.

11. You are the first to confess love to him.

This does not mean that he does not truly love you, just because of you two you were the one who simply could not wait until your loved one finally finds out about your real feelings for him.

Now you are probably sitting upset in feelings, or, on the contrary, you may be proud of the fact that you have such a big heart (which is an amazing feature), but in any case, stay like this: feelings weaken and change, and love grows with by time.

Maybe today you are the one who loves more, but let some time pass, and then you can see where your relationship will lead. And if you finally decide that this is not enough for you, you want to find someone who will love you just as much, then go for it!