5 types of women who more often become mistresses

The mistress is not only a label, a social template and an inner female role. There are certain types of women who are more likely than others to be in love depending on who is already busy.

1. Brutally deceived by men.

This includes those women who are cheated and hurt. It’s a paradox, but after going through a lot of trials and gathering torn hearts in pieces, some women decide to avenge themselves through other men, hurting those who live a happy family life. These are the so-called “professional destroyers” of families, the goal of which is to smash the family as painfully as possible, thereby forcing the rival to go through the same trials as they themselves.

2. Perfect beauty

Women who are beautiful "fatal", almost perfect and flawless, also very often become mistresses. The explanation for this is quite simple: they assert themselves through their beauty, breaking numerous men's hearts and repeatedly being convinced of their ideality.

3. A child who is not liked

Such women in childhood received less attention and love from their parents, and as an adult they try to fill it up. They often choose married men as partners, because it is in such a union that the man most often takes the position of an adult and a patron, and the woman becomes the very child who needs love and caress so much.

4. Unconfident and suffering from many complexes

Extremely insecure women also often become mistresses. For them, this is a great way to assert themselves and prove to themselves that if they are able to become a rival even to a married woman, then all is not lost.

5. Always busy career woman

To be a mistress means to have no special obligations, not to swear eternal loyalty, not to wallow in life and build your relationship as it is convenient, first of all, to you. This option is very suitable for busy women - those who do not want to charge themselves with all the "charms" of serious relationships and family life. Meetings for the soul and satisfaction of needs are just what they need.