Mouth on the lock: 8 phrases which it is absolutely impossible to speak the man

Sometimes it seems to us that men do not listen to us at all, skipping past at least half of what we tell them. Yes, in some cases it is so, but, nevertheless, there are things that it is better not to voice with a man under any pretext, because it will surely come around against you.

1. "You earn a little"

Financial soundness for a man is one of the main indicators of his success. For the stronger sex, the topic of lack of money is always very acute and painful, and if you constantly reproach him with the fact that he earns little, consider that you trample down his self-esteem.

2. "I am not happy with you"

After such a phrase, be prepared for the fact that the man is the most distant from you, or even make an attempt to end the relationship. The realization that a woman who is nearby does not receive protection, warmth and a sense of appeasement is direct evidence for a man that he could not live up to her expectations.

3. "You will never leave me?"

Innocent question that many of us love to ask. This phrase is a direct manipulation of male feelings, because it hangs a huge sense of responsibility and guilt if something goes wrong. Do not look so globally and far into the future, because who knows how your fate will be.

4. "Your mother is more important to you than me."

In any case, in any situation, we must remember that for a man, a mother is sacred. And, most likely, in controversial issues, he will stand on her side, and not on yours. A smart woman in this case will not be engaged in overtightening a blanket, but will wisely judge everything and take the side of her man. So you will achieve much more respect on his part than you will start a war against his mother.

5. "I do not need your help"

Such a phrase, said in the heat of resentment, in the future may play a disservice to you. Men understand everything too straightforwardly, therefore, having coped once with something on your own, be prepared for the fact that later your faithful will try to help you less and less - you can do it yourself.

6. "You are an insensitive rusk"

Genetic men are programmed to be much less emotional and susceptible than women. It is necessary for normal functioning, functioning and survival in the environment. Therefore, blaming him for not being gentle enough, tender and penetrating is at least silly. After all, should any of you always stay with a cool head?

7. “My friend has a better husband”

Never compare your man with someone else, even if you do it in order to revive him and make him arouse. Among the stronger sex, competition with each other is unusually high. Therefore, do not be surprised if he sends you to the one you set as an example.

8. "You're not good enough in bed"

Well, if you want to finally finish off your man, tell him that his sexual abilities do not impress you at all. This will be a real blow to him below the belt, and after such an insult you are unlikely to be able to beg his forgiveness.