7 cleaning mistakes that actually do more harm

When you vacuum, dust, or wash dishes, you can spread germs or damage your health without even knowing it. Here are 7 cleaning mistakes you should avoid.

Use old sponge

Even after you use the dishwashing sponge all two or three times, bacteria begin to accumulate on it, and they can spread to any surface in your home. Therefore, disinfect the sponges every day by heating them in the microwave for one minute or washing them in the dishwasher in a dry mode. And yes, do not forget to replace the sponge with a new one every couple of weeks.

Load cutlery into the dishwasher in one direction

If you load all of your forks, knives and spoons with the handle up into the dishwasher, they can be washed out poorly. Therefore, load the spoons and forks with the handle down, and the knives with the handle up, so as not to cut yourself with them, removing them.

Mix cleaning products

It would seem that both means are designed for the same purpose, so why not mix them up, right? No, don't even think about it! Cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can cause dangerous reactions if mixed together. You'd better use each product in accordance with the instructions on the packaging and in the ventilated area.

Clean the toilet brush when wet

The toilet brush is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria if you put the brush in it while it is still wet. Therefore, after cleaning the toilet and the brush itself, leave it in the air (for about 20 minutes) so that it is completely dry.

Clean without gloves

Imagine all the damage your skin chemicals can do from cleansers. Therefore, when doing the cleaning, never forget to wear rubber gloves - so that your hands remain beautiful and soft.

Wipe clean with a cloth immediately after spraying.

We know you do not want the cleaner to drain to the floor (or to another surface). But before you immediately clean the applied tool with a cloth, give it at least 30 seconds to make it work and clean the surface from germs.

Clean countertops and floors with glass cleaner

Your only glass cleaner, except to clean the crumbs from your coffee table - so you shouldn’t use it as your main floor and countertop cleaner - leave it for window washing. And to clean all other household surfaces, use special disinfectants designed specifically for these purposes.