4 stylish hats in which you will not look like a child

The desire to look beautiful should not be to the detriment of your health. Therefore, in the cold season without a hat is indispensable. Moreover, the correct choice of this accessory will not only protect you from the cold, but also help you look stylish.

Fear of spoiling your hair or looking stupid - these are the main arguments of supporters to go in the winter without a hat. A huge choice of models from beanie to large-knit hats does not leave a chance to say “I don’t wear hats”. Every woman will be able to choose for himself exactly the model in which she will look feminine, even in the dead of the frost.

The main thing is to consider a few basic nuances:

  • The correct size - you should not choose too tight models for yourself. Firstly, it can negatively affect your hairstyle, and secondly - it guarantees discomfort during wear and minor troubles in the form of red marks on the forehead.
  • Natural materials - no more than 30% of artificial fibers in the composition of the cap is desirable. Otherwise, the head will constantly sweat. When choosing knitted models, you should choose a soft yarn, in the case of fur hats, attention should be paid to the lining material.

Beanie hat

A model that hasn't gone out of fashion for several seasons. There are several reasons for this popularity. First of all, these caps go for almost everything, with rare exceptions. Secondly, it is not necessary to have special talents in order to learn how to wear it correctly - in this case, the principle “the more absurd, the better” works. You can move it to the back of the head, slightly opening your ears or move it slightly to the side, like a beret - in any case, a stylish look is provided to you.
@ thestyleographYou can wear it with a lapel, move it over your eyes, closing the forehead line, or, on the contrary, pull it upward, revealing your face as much as possible.

Such caps are perfect for owners of short haircuts. A variety of models: with or without prints, bright or pastel shades, will be combined with coats or down jackets, fur coats and jackets, perfectly complementing completely different styles. Such a hat is also irreplaceable for sports fans - it fits perfectly on the head while jogging.

Knitted hats

This option is able not only to create a unique image, but also to warm you, even in the most severe frost. Referring to overseas things, this model emphasizes the femininity and fragility of its owner. Perfect for girls with round features. In the new season, designers offer a wide variety of these caps: with or without a lapel, with a rubber band or a free edge, simple knitting or with a pattern. Any of them are perfect for creating a casual or sports look. As for the color range, the favorites are natural shades - white, beige, gray, black, mustard. These colors are perfectly combined both among themselves and with bright shades.

Caps with pompon

These caps also boast a variety of styles. Sports - most often have a thread pompom to match the product itself. Mandatory attribute of fans, perfect for sports women of fashion. A large pom-pom, contrary to stereotype, is absolutely not a childish attribute. Such a model is able to create a playful, romantic image, regardless of the age of its owner. Release the strands of hair or bangs, complete with a voluminous scarf to match the original winter bow.

Decorated hats

Excellent opportunity to decorate the casual winter look. Decor options can be mass. Stones or rhinestones - one of the most popular jewelry apparel and accessories. A hat with such decor will shine in the light, adding femininity to you. The main thing in this business is not to overdo it and not to cover yourself with sparkles from head to toe. Images of animals and plants - a great choice for those who want to stand out. This can also be achieved by choosing hats of bright colors or decorated with multi-colored patterns - ethnic and geometric.