5 shades in manicure that look like an expensive accessory

We spend a lot of time trying to decide what to wear and what to combine with. However, many of us often overlook the fact that not only accessories complete our look, but also the tint of our nail polish. Meanwhile, you may not even know what an important role manicure plays in creating the image.

So, even the most ordinary outfit can turn into sexy, if you paint your nails red. Or, for example, if you have a white manicure, your day attire will not require any additional accessories. So, here are the shades of nail polishes that will save you time for fees and ideally complement any image.

Metallic gold

Sometimes this shade is called “mirror gold”. This is one of the most popular shades for manicure, and it can replace any accessory and will be combined with every thing in your wardrobe.


Glossy nail coats rule the ball this season, and silver will definitely suit any color you choose. Try it and see how your outfit will change.

The black

Bold coal black on the nails will surely turn your basic image into an expressive one! If you are not very comfortable with a completely black manicure, try other dark shades, such as purple, dark brown or maroon.


White manicure is the most reliable option for all occasions and for any image. Classic color seems boring to you? Choose powder pink, pastel blue or mint green.

Classic red

This color never goes out of fashion. Because he is capable of anything: and transform the everyday look, and complement the luxury of your evening dress. Even with an office dress code, it will look appropriate and elegant.