5 signals that your partner will never be a good husband for you

Perhaps you have been or are in a relationship that you don’t consider right. But you continue them, hoping, and suddenly it is love. In such cases, it is useful for yourself to stop, to look from the outside and to recognize that you and your partner are not on the way.

Pay attention to several signs that help to understand that this man is not for you.

He seems to be ashamed of you.

You notice that in society he behaves completely differently. He does not introduce you to family and friends, he feels awkward when someone sees you together. He does not hold your hand and does not show feelings in public: if he is not a shy person, he definitely does not suit you.

He disrespects you

If he is rude and vulgar, snaps a lot and mistreats you, rest assured that he is not a couple. Respect is always in first place in a relationship: no one has the right to demean you and deprive yourself of self-esteem and confidence.

You are not attracted to him

It's simple: no matter how decent, cute, clever and kind he is, if you don’t have the very “chemistry” between you, you won’t go far. Alas, he is not your prince.

You have different value systems.

If you do not share your views on life, love, family and other values, how can you build a relationship with such a person? Of course, sometimes you can come to terms with disagreement on some issues, but not only in the case of such important things as raising children.

He is deceiving you

This is the worst category! If you meet with someone who constantly lies, both on trifles and on serious issues, it definitely does not suit you. Honesty is simply necessary for a long and serious relationship!