Look like a Frenchwoman - easy: 7 simple secrets for every day

To dress in the same way as the main Parisian celebrities, you should learn from them their fashionable rules. For example, choose a win-win little black dress instead of a trend sweatshirt, do not spare money on a classic brand bag, with which you will look like a million from year to year. And most importantly - wear what you feel really good about.

We have compiled 7 fashion rules for you, which are followed by the most stylish French women, so you can look almost as good.

Say no to trends and create your own unique style.

French women will not wear what they do not like or do not go, just because it is a trend. Take an example from them and wear only those things that fit you perfectly, match your style and make you look amazing.

Learn how to make the perfect styling with a sloppy effect.

French women often go to a party with her hair loose or carelessly gathered and look stylish and sexy. Do you want the same? Just arm yourself with a spray with sea salt or any other texturing agent and distribute it over the entire length of the hair in order to give shape to the strands and at the same time preserve their naturalness.

The thing is how the clothes fit you

“French women wear only those things that perfectly emphasize their figure, regardless of trends,” says designer Sophie Tealle. Take note of this and buy only the clothes that fit you perfectly. To make a thing fit perfectly on you, ask the tailor to adjust it to your individual parameters.

Operate with a neutral palette

French women for the most part dress in a neutral palette, choosing things in black, white, beige and brown. Such a color scheme will not only help you more effectively and easily combine different things with each other, but will also almost completely eliminate the possibility of a fashionable slip. And to make the image brighter, leave bold shades and spectacular prints on the share of accessories - French, for example, love to wear a red clutch bag or a bright scarf with an expressive print.

Add a brand pair of shoes to your wardrobe

Coco Chanel said: "A woman with good shoes will never look ugly." And this is hard to argue. Therefore, instead of buying dozens of cheap shoes, invest money in one, but elegant, a pair of brand shoes that will last you more than one season and in which you will look amazing.

Transform the image from day to evening with red lipstick

The French are able to do it perfectly. You don’t need to bring changeable evening clothes with you to work - all you need to add some evening glamor to your casual or office outfit is red lipstick. We advise you to take the time and find the shade of red lipstick that is perfect for you.

Dress exclusively for yourself

This is a rule that not only French women masterfully mastered, but in principle all stylish women. Excellent style is to dress only as you like. You should be comfortable in your clothes - that is what is really important and fashionable.