Eyebrows that you really go: a simple way to find your form

Like a haircut, the shape of the eyebrows are not universal for everyone. It all depends on the parameters of your face - and knowing what shape of eyebrows to choose depending on your particular face shape will help not only transform your look, but also improve the overall symmetry of the face.

“Perfect eyebrows will make your face look fresher, rested, younger, healthier and generally more attractive,” says star stylist over eyebrows Joey Healy.

So how do you learn to pick the right eyebrow shape? We decided to help you with this and made a guide on the forms of eyebrows that best suit a particular type of face.

Square face - slightly rounded eyebrows

The square jaw emphasizes the angularity of your face, so soft rounded eyebrows are what you need. “Make sure your eyebrows are not too angular,” Healy advises. “And at the same time, do not make the eyebrows too round to look harmonious.”

Round face - high arched eyebrows

“If your face is round, vote for angular arched eyebrows,” advises Healy. “They compensate for the lack of clear lines and angles on the round face, making it more outlined and structural."

Long face - straight eyebrows

To level the length of an elongated face, make eyebrows as straight as possible. You can also make the tip of the eyebrows longer.

Heart-shaped face - neat eyebrows

Alas, the trend for broad furry eyebrows you may not be suitable. “Because of the miniature jaw line and the accent on the upper part of your face, it is important that your eyebrows are well groomed and neat. The idea is to create a shape that will be manageable and will never be fluffy. Such neat eyebrows in the upper half of the face will balance the small chin, ”says Healy.

Oval face - slightly raised eyebrows

The classic slightly raised eyebrow is ideal for an oval-shaped face. Just make sure that you follow the three main rules of eyebrow selection for all face shapes. You will find them below.

All face shapes

1. Eyebrows should start at the nose. "This point can be easily found by placing a pencil vertically along the line of your nasal bone."

2. The bend (arch) should start at about of your eyebrow. “One of the biggest mistakes I see every day is the centered arch. This gives a terrible form of "rainbow"! ", Says Healy.

3. Do not keep eyebrows short. “Eyebrows at least should end at the level of the outer corner of the eye,” says Healy. “You can make your eyebrows even a little longer, but don't overdo it so your eyes don't look hollow.”