7 not always noticeable actions of a man who betray his love

Good men are hard to find, but they exist. The problem is that women are looking from the wrong angle. It's time to open your eyes to everything that you usually lose sight of when looking at a man.

Women are so obsessed with what he did not do that they do not notice at all what he is doing. If you pay attention to his actions (even the smallest), then you can open new features in the chosen one. Expensive restaurants, gifts, trips - it's all wrong. And when you begin to pay attention to smaller-scale things, then you will no longer worry about all that you can buy for money.


Today, technology is everything. A message - this is something without which we can not imagine life. In relationships, chats can play a big role, and they may not play. Someone prefers to call, someone loves to correspond, and someone does not do either one or the other. Of course, the dialogue should always be enjoyable. But do not overlook the innocent text message from your beloved in the middle of the day, whose sole purpose is to bring a smile.


Every woman likes flowers, and almost every man gives them on main occasions. And the first Thursday that came across is no reason? Why not today? And if the whole week was hard?

A good man will not miss a reason, and a great man will make a reason from any event. Such people know about the magic of flowers and are not afraid to use them.

Straightens your hair

Scientists say that if someone is interesting to you, then during a conversation you begin to lean involuntarily in his direction. And at this moment the hair disobediently slip from behind the ear and hang down. Have you met a man who would gently fix his hair? Not just threw back, and cleaned gently and gently. If not, then you should pay attention, otherwise you risk missing out on his special feelings.


Dinner happens on a date and in a relationship. A man may try to surprise a girl with a delicious meal. You should not blame him for it, rather, on the contrary, this should be applauded. When you have a partner who offers to cook you dinner instead of going somewhere, this will be the best manifestation of attention. And this dinner can change everything for you.

Letters and notes

There are men who write them. And if you have such notes, keep them closer. Hint: if he writes good notes, he most likely writes excellent love letters. And there is nothing more romantic than love letters.


It is very important, but it is easy not to notice. Do you notice men who ask? Looking into your eyes? Want to know about how was your day, week, month? When he asked, and you began to respond, then you noticed how carefully he listens, staring at you with his eyes?

Conversation is our all when it comes to dating or about relationships. There is no better way to understand a person.

How goes home

A small gesture to meet or hold home leaves a good impression, but not all men think about it. Remember this.

The next time you go on the sidewalk, pay attention to who of you is coming from the side of the road. A worthy man will always go on this side himself, he will even swap places on purpose. You, of course, it makes no difference and it is not clear why it is necessary, but think about it. He shows that you are important to him. He wants to protect you. Like a true gentleman.

In a sense, all these little things are signs of attention that could only be found in films like The Diary of Memory or Dear John. But as soon as you realize that such men really exist, you will begin to notice them in ordinary life.

Of course, there is no guarantee that such a man will be ideal and unique, but these signs together and separately show those aspects of character for which you should love. Do not be disappointed in your choice of partner, if he lacks some of the great qualities. Look at the little things and then you will find your very self.