How to visually look slimmer: tricks that you did not know

In calming down girls with an imperfect figure, we hasten to note that there are almost no women in the world who are satisfied with their appearance. Even the fairer women with standard proportions of 90 × 60 × 90 can find flaws in themselves that they don’t like. These can be thin sticks, short legs, an unsightly neck and décolleté, a guitar-like figure, and too narrow shoulders. But they do not suffer from the noticed deficiencies, since they know that it is easy to hide the defects of your figure with the help of well-chosen clothes.

What details make a slimmer figure?

High heel

The fact that high-heeled shoes slim, known to all the fair sex. But our life, a trip to work in close public transport, forces women to switch to comfortable sneakers or ballet flats. Today in fashion there is a combination of sneakers with a dress. It is not necessary for all girls to resort to the layout of the skirt with a solid low sole. This option is suitable for tall, thin girls. It is better to wear shoes with a wide and stable heel or wedge, than shoes without a heel.

One of the options for shoes, skradayuschey overweight, shoes are shoes or shoes with sharp toes. Some representatives of the design world believe that each centimeter of heel visually removes 1 kg of weight from a lady. This rule is suitable to a certain height of the heel. If a young lady “manages” to wear a heel of 16–20 cm, this does not give her a guaranteed minus 16–20 kg.

Trousers with arrows, classic jeans

Many women prefer to wear pants, jeans and different types of pants. Some models tighten a female figure, and some, on the contrary, complete it. Successfully conceal figure flaws even long trousers with arrows. Jeans of a classical form in a successful combination with a high or average heel make the girl slimmer and more beautiful.

The choice of texture, color and pattern

The fact that dark color conceals excess weight has long been known. When this is selected, not only black color, and dark blue, brown, chocolate, gray, the color of wet asphalt. For women with excess weight, suitable fabrics are plain, with small flowers, polka dots, with curls, stripes. Fabrics with a nap or other overspray are not recommended. The light tissues best emphasize the beauty of the female figure.

A straight cut of the dress with contrasting inserts successfully emphasizes the waist, makes the lady skater and attractive. In this case, you need to choose models that darken the excess color on the hips, in the abdomen and emphasize the waist and chest lines.

V-neck and other accessories

Successfully lengthens the shape of the Y-shaped roll-out neck. It is suitable for ladies with a magnificent bust and with small forms. If the dress or blouse is decorated with a different neckline, long beads will be the appropriate accessory that reduces the outlines.

Not constraining linen

If you wear clothes made of thin or transparent fabrics, you need to worry about the perfection of linen. Panties or bras should not be allowed to slam into the body, forming ugly folds.