5 signs of an obsessive man who will turn your life into chaos


The life of each person is his personal life, everyone decides how to live it. Whoever builds it, almost everyone wants a reliable person to be near. Loneliness does not decorate, not happy, rather, adversely affects each of us. A lonely woman is always pleased when there appears one who shows a non-false interest in her. But when it turns out that a man who seemed to be a worthy admirer, just an obsessive man, comes disappointment, mixed with the awkwardness of the situation.

Signs of an obsessive male

Excessive attention

Excessive attention at the beginning of a relationship pleases. A woman was alone for a period of her life, a fan appears here who is not only attentive, she surrounds her with care and (as she thinks) with love. She feels the one and only.

SMS control

The stage of the first flirtation gradually passes. Then begins the fact that slowly closes the oxygen and clamps in a vice, and more and more. The fan begins to shower SMS - their number exceeds common sense: dozens per day. He does not consider the fact that the chosen one works, that it creates inconvenience to her.

Restrictions and prohibitions

But the message alone does not end there. The object of adoration falls under the invisible cap. For example, she meets with her friends to celebrate the birthday of one of them together. The girl rushes to the meeting and suddenly discovers that her admirer is close to the place where she is going. He approaches, tries to dissuade her not to go to her friends, but to walk with him. He does not consider her desire, spoils the mood.

Desire to incline to intimate relationships

Obsession does not end there. Every morning, a strange fan calls, trying to start a conversation on a topic that interests him. Very often the topic concerns intimate relationships. Such conversations in a hurry in the morning before work are at least irrelevant, but he continues to call every day.

Attempts to settle with you

Attempts to come to visit are becoming more insistent. One day, the "gentleman" is under the door. Question: where the address is, remains open, but it is obvious that he traced her return home. He constantly stands on the site, so as not to attract the attention of neighbors, the woman will let her friend into the house. There, the man unceremoniously behaves, picks up the phone, looks at the list, finds out who is on the list.

Possible causes of obsessive behavior

The behavior of a new acquaintance, who at the very beginning seemed pleasant, interesting, may have several reasons:

  • His interest is self-serving. It is possible that this is the material side;
  • The person has psychiatric problems. This option should not be excluded, especially if there is no logic in his behavior;
  • The man really fell in love, he tries in this way to attract attention. Perhaps for him this way of communication seems normal;
  • He really likes the woman, but his previous experience was unsuccessful. Then he felt odd, and subconsciously he wants to get more attention. Internal trauma will not give rest, his behavior will not change - obsession will remain.

How to get rid of an obsessive man

An obsessive male begins to annoy. From him I want to run, wherever they look. There can be only one way out: stop any contact with him. You just have to ignore it. Nice to get out of this situation will not work. Conversations that probably you do not match each other will not work. An obsessive man is enough conversation to continue his actions. The way of expression is not important to him, even anger and cry will not work. You pay attention to him - it means everything is not so bad, he thinks.

  • You should not turn to a friend or brother so that he would seriously explain to him: the chances of improving relations are not. He will take it as a positive signal: a woman ranks him among the closest people.
  • An annoying gentleman must be blacklisted on the phone, blocked in social networks. If calls are from another number - do not answer. When he sees that his messages are not read, calls are ignored, he will most likely look for another victim, forgetting about the previous one.