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Why single women live better than married

Recently, here and there, only reasoning is heard that the institution of marriage is becoming a thing of the past, people have begun to tie themselves together less than family ties, every second family will fall apart and, in general, young people have values ​​and views that are completely different. The public is sounding the alarm, thinking how to solve this problem and increase the statistics of happy families.

In fact, all this is quite predictable and logical. I can tell you more that there is no more socially unprotected layer of the population in our country than a divorced woman with a small child. Why? Yes, because, more often than not, they receive alimony insanely small, or fathers simply shy away from paying them, plus a lot of red tape and problems with bringing the child abroad, registration at a new address, relocations, etc. The life of many divorced women turns in the fight with the ex-husband and the constant knocking out of money, or putting everything on his shoulders and humility, that everything is as it is. As for me, it's so much easier to be just a single mother. Then the woman will be much more socially protected and independent.

The second aspect of the fact that everyone should rather be under the crown is, of course, imposed stereotypes and pressure from relatives, that "no one will need you." I am happy to announce that some time has passed when a woman was completely and completely dependent on a man. We work on a par with them, or even more, build successful careers, earn a lot of money, are fully able to feed ourselves, buy housing, and even repair a drainage crane. Well, or at worst, call the plumbers.

In the modern world, a woman is much more adapted to life than a man. They need a marriage in order to have a reliable rear and support in the form of welded borscht, ironed shirts, regular sex and a vest for complaints. A woman without all these cooking and standing at the stove, on the contrary, is many times easier.

And, what to prevaricate, look at modern men - they are practically not adapted to life, weak, vulnerable and hypersensitive creatures who are afraid to work too hard once again, to get up at night to the child and have no idea how the washing machine turns on. Of course, not all of them, but many. And among women there is a zealous struggle for them - courses of seduction, perfect appearance, lessons of the best mistresses, silicone breasts and sexy lace lingerie.

It turns out that our whole life does not revolve around itself, but around men. And after that, I once again ask myself the question: “Does a woman need to get married?”. Maybe living your life and being a bird of free flight is much nicer and easier? Of course, I do not agitate everyone to become zealous feminists and opponents of marriage, not at all. But, nevertheless, think carefully before putting on a white dress and a ring on your ring finger - is this really the man who will pass the fire, water and copper pipes for you?