Before putting on tights, remember 6 taboos that should not be allowed

Pantyhose is an obligatory part of any woman’s wardrobe that can hide figure flaws and give confidence. However, before you put on this, exclusively, female detail, you should make sure that you do not make a series of shameful mistakes that are so popular among the fair sex. Consider the 5 most common ones:

Incorrect size

What starts with the choice of almost any clothing. The belief that tights will stretch to the required size, thanks to its material, is fundamentally wrong. In addition to the obvious discomfort when worn, too small size does not correct the existing shortcomings, but rather the opposite. In addition, tight tights lose their strength, which can lead to arrows at the most inopportune moment.

Too large size is fraught with the appearance of ugly folds in the knees and ankles, which also does not decorate your image. To choose tights in size is not so difficult - almost on every package there is a dimensional grid, which will allow you to accurately determine the desired model with regard to your height and weight.

No harmony with clothes

Sticking "shorts" from under a short skirt or a high waist from under low-rise trousers is an unforgivable mistake that can debase the image. This can also be attributed to the seams, which stand out under the tight-fitting dress. A variety of models of tights - with a low or high fit, ultra-thin or seamless - allows you to choose the right pair for any clothing.

Mismatch to skin color

The beige color of tights is one of the favorites for many women for many years. They fit almost any clothing, give a sense of naturalness, while hiding the possible shortcomings of the legs. However, the wrong tone can spoil even the most thoughtful image. Body models are not for nothing called solid - their color should match the skin color. Otherwise, you may get the impression of inept use of tanning. The sharp contrast between the color of the arms and legs is moveton.

Tattered tights, arrows and puffs

Women's trick, known even to our grandmothers. And indeed, in an emergency, this is a great way to contain the inevitably “running” arrow on the pantyhose. You should not use bright colors for this purpose - if there is no other way, it is better to use a transparent varnish. And of course, you should not continue to wear such tights in the future - even under pants. After all, any arrow with time will only become larger and will surely make itself known to others.

Tights with open shoes

A sensitive issue that has been a subject of controversy to this day. The opinion of the designers, however, unanimously - this combination is no longer taboo. However, such a carte blanche conceals the danger of making shameful mistakes. Tights and sandals on a flat course - a categorically unacceptable combination, too, can be attributed too open versions of summer shoes. The use of tights with glitter or pronounced seam in the toe part will also ruin even the most thoughtful look.

Inappropriate patterns

The pantyhose drawings are another Achilles heel when they are selected. The desire to diversify the image often goes against the style. Remember that the vertical stripes on the legs visually lengthen them, while the horizontal ones give the opposite effect.

A large pattern in the knee area is an option for young fashionistas with slender legs, and patch seams and various patterns on tights are allowed only if they are not skewed. Therefore, it is not worth saving when buying similar models of tights - decorative seams on them can be asymmetrical due to marriage, which can not be corrected in any way, no matter how cool.