6 jeans that you should definitely pay attention to in 2019

Current trends are always felt as a breath of fresh air, especially when it comes to jeans. Although jeans - whether narrow, flared, baggy or straight - never go out of fashion, there are certain models that are more popular than others.

So what do you need to know about denim trends in 2019? We list the six main models of the season.

Jeans with embroidery

Relaxed boyfriend jeans in a masculine style have gained a more feminine sound - they have fashionable floral embroidery. And it looks more than stylish. The combination of straight leg and delicate pattern makes regular denim trousers more special.

Jeans with medium waist height

Despite the fact that we still love and wear high-waisted jeans, the trend for the coming season is also jeans with lower fit (just above the hips) and with straight (instead of ultra-light) leg trousers that look great on any type of figure and that You can wear all day, no matter what you do.

Jeans with hem, decorated with details

One of the latest denim trends - flirty details that adorn the bottom of jeans: bows, feathers or, for example, an unexpected cut. Jeans immediately look more original and interesting.

Jeans with high waist and straight leg

Another favorite of ours is overestimated inelastic straight cut jeans in vintage style. Fashionable and practical at the same time, these jeans are a great alternative to classic fitting jeans with a high waist.

Jeans with a fold line in the middle of each leg

The detail in the form of a thin line running in the middle of the jeans trouser leg does not just make jeans fashionable, but also visually slims and lengthens the legs. As a result, these jeans look stylish enough to put them on even at a party, and at the same time are perfect for creating images for every day.

Jeans with stripes

Lampas are relevant for the season and, perhaps, are not going to go out of fashion. Now they are especially popular on jeans. In the trend of the most different shades of stripes - from dark blue and red to beige and pale pink. Lamps immediately transform the appearance of jeans and make them the main object of desire for fashionistas.