5 things in the wardrobe that give out an aristocratic

The aristocracy has always enjoyed the attention and respect. As for fashion, here it is very important to designate one’s affiliation with respected surnames or rely on them. What needs to be done to recognize the aristocracy in you?

Stiletto Shoes

It was women of blue blood who could always afford beautiful, but not always comfortable shoes. They do not need to walk or work much, they are created for beauty. Today, the personal car has become the analogue of a luxury crew, which allows us to wear a hairpin. But even if you do not have it, you can sometimes afford to feel not a simple person.

Elegant underwear

Magnificent combinations, sconces, petticoats and bustiers: all this, though not very different compared to seamless bras and shorts, but they will make you feel like a luxurious lady. Let the underwear and not be seen, but its quality is directly reflected in your sense of self.

Heirloom Decorations

As a rule, these are very expensive and unusual jewelry that will turn you into a socialite, even if you are wearing the simplest black dress. Of course, in this case it is necessary to remember the rules of etiquette. For example, that wearing diamonds during the daytime is not accepted. Therefore, especially luxury gizmos is better to leave for a dinner party.


This chic and incredibly pleasant to the touch material surrounds the aristocrat everywhere. Silk robe and night combination, exquisite bedding, and, of course, be sure to dress and silk blouses, which will put the final point in the image of a lady from high society.

Midi length

Mini-skirts are not for aristocrats, because they are not supporters of excessive frankness. However, the length of the maxi is also not always appealing to the image of a noble lady. It is more correct to take an example from the representatives of the ancient royal families, for example, from the young English duchess, and to borrow from their style immortal and restrained dresses and midi-length skirts.