11 important phrases that a man wants to hear from you more often


We lived in a society for a long time, when there were constant discussions about the differences between a man and a woman. It was believed that women are romantic natures, they love to feel and listen. Men, on the other hand, rarely express their feelings, they crave compliments only on their actions, they seek to gain respect. Accordingly, women value emotions, and men value logic.

Over time, these traditional roles have become blurred, and the desires of the men themselves have changed. Now they want to hear something completely different. Here are 11 phrases that a modern man wants to hear from his chosen one.

"I appreciate what you do"

In a healthy partnership, both participants sincerely help and support each other. When a man showed his support and help, he wants to be recognized for it. Is not it? It is important for him to know that his woman understood his contribution and can support him with words. It is important for a man to be appreciated because it enhances his self-esteem and forms self-esteem.

"I understand"

When a man comes at a difficult time, he does not want to listen to criticism or the phrase "you must do so." He wants sympathy, wants to hear: “I understand, you are upset and angry. If I can help with something or you just want to talk, know, I'm nearby. ”

"Stay alone with yourself for as long as necessary."

Sometimes men also want to be alone. This does not mean any bad attitude or lack of feelings for the chosen one. It’s just a need to stay one on one with you and think about something, no matter what. Perhaps he will think about changing careers, remember his youth or look for a solution to some important problem. Your partner needs free space, so be wise and give him that opportunity.

"Please forgive me"

We all make mistakes in our relationship. We “explode”, say hurtful things, in the end, we are very inattentive. Men, like everyone, want to hear the words of apology, especially when they are justified. Sincere words, real. This encourages them to do the same.

"You did so much"

It doesn’t matter what the man did: he cleaned the garage, helped with the laundry, wrote the head of his novel, he wants the praise that should be given. Although we often think that adults can compliment themselves for their achievements and be filled with pride, this is not at all the case. It is important to recognize the successes and achievements of other people, even if they are small and insignificant - this is important for all of us.

"You're so sexy"

Men usually say that it’s not so important for them to hear how attractive they are. But when they hear this, they will appreciate what was said. By repeating to your man the words that he is “sexy,” “hot,” you motivate him to behave in the same way with you.

“Why don't you meet friends?”

Very nice moment, right? Especially if a man has a dam at work or he cared for you all the time when you were sick. He worked hard and it was time for a break, and it's great that you see this and want him to be distracted.

"I am grateful to you"

Words of gratitude should be spoken on large and less significant occasions. This underlines the fact that you notice that a man does a lot of things and that you appreciate him for it. Earn your gratitude is very important to him.

“Tell me, what are you dreaming about?”

Most men plan their future. They know where they would like to be in five, ten years, etc. They may have all sorts of dreams. When you ask about it and really listen, in this way you let them know that their goals are important to you.

"I need you"

When men hear this from their partners, they begin to “glow” from the inside. Everyone loves to be needed by those they love. This does not mean that the man in your life is only a source of finance. He helps in different ways, complements a woman, her life, encourages and supports in seemingly hopeless situations, can make her laugh when sad. Such an attitude is priceless.

"I believe in you"

This is much more than just support. When you tell a person that you really believe in him, that his decisions and ideas are excellent, his plans are very real, that he has the perseverance, confidence and talents to realize all this. And this confidence should come from you, because you are the person whose opinion he values ​​most.

Men, like women, are also difficult people. They have their own thoughts, feelings and emotions, which they are not always able to manifest, but they are certainly present. Men need to be voiced by them, men need to be appreciated, they need joy and support from their beloved.

Knowing these 11 phrases and actively using them, you can build very strong and close relationships with a man who will be able to withstand many difficult life challenges.