The oddities of female behavior that attract men madly

Of course, men pay attention to women because of their attractive appearance, seductive image and flirtatious behavior. And in the woman there are chips that, at first glance, seem to be very specific, but they are the ones that most attract a man.

1. Similarity with his mom

Subconsciously, men are looking for a woman who resembles his mother as a life partner. It can be not only external similarity or obvious internal qualities. The signs may be hidden and almost imperceptible, but with some inner flair the man immediately feels them.

2. Impermeability

Men love women to strive for. Therefore, the stronger your armor, the more effort it will make to win the heart of the Snow Queen.

3. The opposite of himself

It’s not for nothing that everyone around you says that opposites attract, because it’s true. Often, men are attracted to those women who are strikingly different from themselves in character, outlook on life and habits. It is much more interesting to learn and discover the unknown, complementing something in itself.

4. Independence

Despite the fact that the majority of men want to see a weak and dependent woman next to them, no one has abolished independence. Therefore, for many men, girls who are not willing to accept any help are trying to prove that they can decide everything themselves. That is what you want to love and protect.

5. Expressive Mimicry

By mimicry, we express our emotions, and since men themselves are stingy on their expression, they consider it extremely important that a woman should be able to express what is inside her. It is mimicry that almost magically affects men and makes them walk at our heels.

6. Healthy pofigizm

Not to be confused with selfishness, because the ability to ignore those things that are not worth it is truly a royal quality, which units possess. Considering how much women are able to blow an elephant out of a fly, men can literally carry those who can give up on a mess.

7. Epatage

Extraordinary and bright personality immediately stand out and catch the eye. Moreover, with such a girl will never be bored - she is ready for insane acts. What man will miss this?

8. "His" smell

It has been scientifically proven that smell and pheromones, which have a strong effect on a person, play an important role in attraction to each other. So, if a man finds a woman who suits him exactly at the level of smell, you can be sure for almost one hundred percent that this union will be strong.