Bitter truth: 7 signs that a man never loved you

A loving man will not make excuses and say that something happened at the last moment.

If he really loved, he would definitely come when he said. He will come. He will wait at the luggage rack, in a restaurant or in a movie before a movie. He will be where he promised.

If he really loved, he would trust. I would not look for another reason for jealousy due to the fact that you spoke with someone. I would not follow your every step through social networks and would not comment on each photo posted on how animals mark the territory. I would not indicate with whom to be friends, but about whom to forget. And I would treat your views and choices with understanding.

If he really loved, he would spend time together, and not only when the meeting involves sex. If you are tired, unwell, or just do not feel well, he would still like to be there. And if there is only 10 minutes, then they are enough for a short kiss, hug or a cup of coffee. He would find a way to see each other. And not for sex. And just meet to see.

If he really loved, he would not force him to play the fortuneteller. Would not it be warm, then cold. He would explain what he means, answer, and not lurk. I would not leave, forcing you to think that you did something wrong. He would share what is happening in his life, and keep in touch both about big things and little things.

If he really loved, he would meet with his friends. And he would have made sure that everyone liked you as much as he liked.

If he really loved, he would like you to achieve your goals and your dreams. He would encourage achievement and rejoice at your success. He would support you at every turn.

If he really loved, then there would be no feeling that you need to pretend to be someone. Rest assured that you would be yourself, and he would love for that.