12 true reasons why a real woman has no men


You have everything: appearance, intelligence, financial independence, a good career. You are interesting to men, as they are to you. But you are still alone. But what are you doing wrong? Absolutely nothing. Here are 12 reasons why you are alone, despite the fact that you are a real find for a man.

1. You do not make hasty decisions

Do you know who put up with reality? Those who think they have little time to find someone worthwhile, and those who think that true love is not for them. However, for you it is not. You know that the only one somewhere nearby, and do not agree to less.

2. You expect to meet someone who will be honored with your uniqueness.

You are a terrific person, so why are you even worried about the fact that next to you is the one who does not correspond to you? Seriously. Your expectations will be met.

3. You do not need a man to confirm their existence

Sometimes it seems to you that it would be nice to have an ally, but you certainly don’t spend all your time pining for a partner, and you don’t feel guilty. Instead, you live your life and do not allow anyone to become the center of your universe.

4. You are too busy with your life.

You are constantly traveling, meeting different people, developing new projects, and you also have a goal to visit 30 countries before you turn 40 years old. Your schedule is tightly packed with affairs.

5. You are focused on your career.

This may sound like a kind of excuse or cliché, but in the courtyard of the XXI century. What woman is not focused on her career? You love what you do and you do it well. Of course, this should be proud.

6. Do you have great friends distracting from romance

As soon as you have a loved one, the time you spend with your friends is immediately halved. A partner is great and all that, but friends are a completely different level.

7. Men are no longer as responsible as they used to be.

We live in a society where casual relationships seem to take precedence over serious relationships. While dating is fun, and one-night intimacy is like a breath of fresh air, it’s hard to find among the hundreds of men who are really responsible. In this particular case, your loneliness is completely out of your control.

8. Your confidence really scares

It's true! Even the most impudent of men will change his mind before he dares to approach a woman of your caliber.

9. You need to focus on yourself.

Before you can share your life with someone else, you first need to know who you are, what you want, and in which direction you are moving. It is not fair to offer someone only half of yourself when you are not quite collected your thoughts.

10. You have no time for dating men.

You didn’t even have time to have dinner today, let alone create a profile for online dating. In fact, you are not even sure that you have time to visit your Tinder page more than once.

11. You are too lonely love

When everything in your life is already so perfect, it is difficult to decide to let someone else into it. Perhaps you want to have a partner, but it is likely that he will simply want to change your life. There is nothing wrong with change, but you will need to do this in your free time.

12. You are not ready for a relationship.

So why rush things, if you are not sure that you want this at 100%?