2-minute hairstyle that will save you when you do not have time to wash your hair


Perhaps every woman has days when she does not have time to wash her hair.
The good news is that there are a few tricks to help you disguise oily hair. A ponytail or bun is the best way to hide dirty strands from those around you - it will seem to everyone that you have done an elegant styling in the cabin. Complete the look with expressive earrings and red lipstick - and you will look just perfect!

So, here's how to create the perfect hairstyle that will hide greasy hair. The beauty is that it takes you no more than a couple of minutes.


Hair oil

Hair spray


Eyebrow brush


Dry shampoo


Step 1

Apply hair oil to curly and naughty strands to smooth them.

Step 2

Comb your hair until it is perfectly smooth.

Step 3

Part on the hair (whatever you like). Tie the hair with a rubber band as tightly as you can (or as much as you want). A great option - ideally sleek low tail with straight parting in the middle or on the side.

Step 4

Spray the fixing varnish on your hair so that the styling lasts longer, and also use the varnish to smooth out any strands that are sticking out at the hairline.

Step 5

If it seems to you that your hair still looks a bit greasy, spray a little dry shampoo on it (you can also use the product before tying the hair).

If you are not comfortable with the collected hair and you want to leave it loose, try the following - comb the hair behind the ear (it is best to keep the strands perfectly smooth).

You can also beat the trend on headbands and silk scarves. If you tie an elegant scarf or ribbon on your hair, you can shift the focus from your hair to these trendy accessories.