What does every zodiac sign want from love



She wants to be a better friend.

Aries wants a relationship that is filled with interesting conversations in which it can share amazing and fascinating facts about the world. At the same time, she wants to see next to her such a person with whom she can be both stupid and fun. She wants to be the best friend and lover, the most important confidant and partner. If you want to be with her always, make sure she considers you her friend, as well as her lover.


She is committed to a perfect relationship.

The Taurus girl wants to admire her man so that she has the opportunity to boast of your life together. Tauruses are very aesthetic natures, as well as independent, purposeful personalities. Taurus wants to see next to a confident, able to keep himself in the hands of man. She also wants to make sure that her man is the one with whom she can brag.


She wants to communicate like no one has ever done before.

Gemini is the most passionate sign of the zodiac, albeit the most distracted. This means that in order to always be with Gemini, you need to find an approach to her so that she constantly pays attention to her man. A twin girl needs to keep an interest in a man all the time, then she wants to be with him.


She wants to trust.

Cancers are very emotional, but very careful. Consciously or unconsciously, they build impassable walls on the way to their sensitive hearts. Cancer wants to know that she can trust a man, can rely on him, that he will be there no matter what. Cancer girl does not want to be with those who are not going to adhere to these principles. She wants her man to be her best friend, her biggest fan and her most passionate lover.

a lion

She wants to be together.

Lionesses are known for their pride and developed instinct to protect their territory. The most important rule is that a Leo woman be happy, she expects loyalty and total loyalty from a man. Men who are faithful and honest are the most attractive to the Lionesses, and in order to keep her close to him, it is necessary to show her that the man completely belongs to her and only to her.


She wants to grow with her man.

Virgos are dreamers in the sense that they always strive to do things right or better for those around them. As a partner, Virgo needs someone with whom she can grow, who can challenge her and take it at the same time. To keep the Virgin next to him, a man will have to show her that he is as ambitious as she is, and can support her when she needs it.


She wants to be worshiped.

Guided by Venus, Libra is literally the main love sign. They belong to the most romantic natures from the whole zodiacal circle. In order for Libra to always feel happy, they want them to be as passionate devotees as she is. For her to be happy, the man will have to worship the beautiful deity within her.


She wants to know that she is desired.

Scorpios are known to be jealous, but even more so, they are known to be secretly intense. Scorpios should know that her man wants her as much as they do (although they are usually very shy and do not like to show it). A Scorpio woman is a red, blazing fire hiding behind smiling, reserved behavior, and in order to keep her in check it is necessary to show that she is the only thing a man really wants.


She wants to make exciting discoveries.

Among all the signs of the zodiac, Sagittarius is known for its irresistible burden of wandering. Over time, they do not want to settle down with their partner, they want, so to speak, "to break away." For a Sagittarius woman to always feel happy, she must understand that life together will be exciting and fun.


She wants to be happy.

She has already planned out the future. Capricorns love to work on something, and they also appreciate confidence (they have no time for things that will not go anywhere). They take their life seriously, and start to succeed when they realize that her man is working on the development of life obligations or family values, or at least on the development of a healthy, successful partnership.


She wants to create.

They are disinterested and it seems that the relationship takes them by surprise. Aquarius - one of the best lovers. They will give everything that they have, and will want to cultivate a kind of "love, without which it is not possible to live."


She wants to be a muse.

They will share their dreams and almost immediately become infinitely loyal. She will play her favorite music, send links to things that inspire her, write letters, wanting to let her man into her strange little world. Lovers of Pisces are hopeless, but also very sensitive, so they can have a kind of hard behavior: a test that a man must first pass.