5 tactics of behavior, if you think that your husband wants to get a divorce

When a woman finds out that a man wants to divorce her, often the reaction in this case is the same - crying, hysterics, threats, hopelessness and lowered hands. But, than to spend forces and energy on useless actions, it is better to think things through well and make the right strategy of behavior that will force your spouse to change his mind.

1. Become selfish

This method is one of the most loyal and effective. Try not to think about a man anymore, but put yourself in the first place. Do not try with all your strength to try to be good and fix everything - this method just usually gives exactly the opposite result. Turn on healthy pofigizm, remember everything that you wanted to do, but constantly postponed, and live only for yourself beloved. Soon you will see that, having noticed such dramatic changes in you, your spouse will begin to stir and begin to conquer you and try to get your attention back.

2. Stand back and be alone

Sometimes, instead of tearing and throwing, the best choice is to keep a distance from each other for a while. The ideal options would be if you can live separately from your spouse to think things over, think up, digest information. After that, the right solution will be found by itself - you just need to wait a bit.

3. Direct your energy to other areas of life.

Many women after the terrible words “We are parting” are covered with serious depression. All this is quite logical and explainable - the whole life, the whole usual way of life, plans for the future, all this is brutally destroyed. Ahead - emptiness, uncertainty and fear of loneliness. Someone at this moment begins to hate his partner and intrigue him, someone is completely immersed in himself and engaged in self-digging, and someone develops a hectic activity in an attempt to bring everything back. At the initial stage, all these actions will not bring any sense, but will only take away the mass of your energy, vitality and time. Try to realize other areas of your life that are not related to men - this is work, motherhood, hobby, and your own appearance. Being engaged in that close, first of all, to you, you will be able to return attention and interest of the spouse.

4. Become another

Becoming another means that you radically change yourself not only externally but also internally. Radically change the hairstyle and hair color, buy clothes of the style that you have never worn before, lose weight or, on the contrary, round up, get a tattoo or piercing - whatever, if only it changes you and makes another. It is the same with internal changes - discover new qualities in yourself, make new friends, meet interesting people, allow yourself actions that you have never done before. Let your man see you renewed, different and rebooted from scratch. And, most importantly, do all this not for him, but for yourself. It is you who should want all this and sincerely rejoice at change.

5. Show him that you are fully capable of living without him.

A sure way to make a man act and move on is to let him know that he is not in demand in your life. As a rule, men always cherish their sense of self-importance, believing that a woman is incapable of taking a step without his participation. Cool this ardor: flirt before his eyes with someone else, make large purchases on your own, spend a fun weekend without him, nail the shelf in the end. All this will greatly affect his dignity, and he will rush to prove to you that his role in your life has not been played to the end.