8 male names whose owners most often cheat on their wives

Perhaps someone will find these data too far-fetched, but still the statistics could prove that men with these names are more prone to infidelity and adultery than all other males.

1. Artyom

By their nature, the owners of this name are subject to the influence of others and are easily addicted and scattered. Perhaps that is why Artemy often become unfaithful husbands, too plunging into new acquaintances, new people and simply losing their heads. And, as a rule, soon they come out of the pool of oblivion and understand that they have broken wood, but it is already very difficult to fix something.

2. Anton

Another lovers representative go left. Antonovs always think long and hard at every step, and usually their choice of another woman is conscious and well weighed. These people leave their homes, only if in the other really standing prospects and a new life loom.

3. Eugene

Eugenia is usually very trusting and good-natured, and assertive and courageous vamp women can take advantage of this. One has only to press such a man to the wall and flirt slightly, and he already gives up and takes advantage of his own weakness.

4. Igor

These men are quite secretive and immersed in themselves, it is very difficult to find out what is happening in their head and going on in their hearts. Igor always thinks through his steps to the smallest detail and changes so carefully and skillfully that you just wonder at his wit and logic.

5. Victor

Victor is usually the soul of the company, likes to be in the center of attention and revel in his own glory. The conquest of women for him is akin to collecting trophies, which he demonstrates to everyone with unconcealed pleasure and enjoys his own popularity.

6. Sergey

Men named Sergey are very inconstant - they can be easily confused, carried away and persuaded. In addition, they are often not self-confident, so any flirting on the part of a woman is immediately perceived as a call for active action in order to assert itself.

7. Valery

Life with Valera is a series of ups and downs, full of adventures and unexpected surprises. Such a man usually has many female friends with whom he has a fairly close relationship. The sadness is that such a friendship very often ends in a very non-comradely way.

8. Constantine

Konstantin is a strong-willed person, often too demanding and tough. Such a man is always very strict with women and wants his every whim to be immediately fulfilled. If Constantine does not receive this obedience in a relationship, then he goes in search of his mistress - the one who will be obedient to him.