What men really don't find attractive, according to astrology



Aries love being taken care of. A strong, adult, decision-making man is the blue place of any Aries. You gladly surrender into the hands of knights in shining armor.

However, what you think is nice and pleasant, in his opinion looks extremely annoying. You want to be nursing with you, so when this does not happen, you start whining and make claims that, in his opinion, looks completely unattractive.


There is nothing wrong with feeling and looking the best for him. However, there is a very definite difference between striving for the best and obsession solely with its appearance.

Such behavior of men is extremely unattractive. You act as if you are always in the center of attention, as if you are a celebrity. Wherever you go with him, you immediately turn into an unbearable dummy that requires attention.


In the process of finding your man, you always pay attention to the person with whom you can talk. You need a partner who will be ready to listen to you at any time of the day or night. The desire for such emotional intimacy appeals to you very much.

However, in reality it turns out not at all charming. All your talk sooner or later turn into a discussion of gossip and wash the bones of others. It is unlikely that your partner will be able to interest conversations of this kind.


Not everyone can be in harmony with their emotions as Cancer. There is something incredibly attractive in a partner that can specifically describe your feelings to you, without forcing you to guess what is going on in your head.

However, in moments of excessive sensuality, your emotionality can be extremely unattractive. Sometimes your man may raise his voice or be upset about your behavior. Instead of dealing with such situations in an adult way, you will tirelessly cry. The problem will not be solved, and he will have to behave more cautiously in the future.

a lion

Lions love to build themselves into need. At times it may even be charming when they want to spend days with you near you. As soon as you allow your need for attention to get in your way, problems begin.

It is worth your partner to forget to give you a compliment, to say "good night" or "have a nice day" or not to tell you about your location, as you start making claims to him. If you continue to make him report to you every second, do not be surprised if you say goodbye to your partner very soon.


Virgos have high standards for everything in their lives. You want the best of the best and you are not afraid to work hard to achieve what you want. In certain situations, this may be just wonderful, because your partner will feel completely special.

However, due to your own high demands, you can sabotage your own relationships for no reason. At some point, you may decide that your ideal relationship is far from ideal, which means your partner is also far from the ideal you desire.


Libra is interested in a good life and a stable partner. There is something so attractive about you that prompts your man to pamper you more and more. Your man likes that you love and appreciate yourself as much as he does.

However, you can instantly lose the attractiveness for your partner if you become too involved in taking care of your loved ones and invest a lot of money in unnecessary things. Of course, your man used to pamper you, but if you constantly go too far, you can not even count on him.


Your mystery is perhaps the first thing that might interest him. He adores getting to know you closer and closer from meeting to meeting. You have brought him pretty, forcing to seek you. However, now that you have moved to a new stage of your relationship, this approach may simply annoy him.

Your stealth was insanely unattractive to him. He literally begs you to open up to him, and sometimes these pleas turn into serious conflicts. Your partner feels as though he cannot even speak openly with you, and in the end he simply gets tired of such a relationship.


At the time of your first meeting, he is in seventh heaven because of you. Your self-confidence is contagious and sexy. He likes that you always believe in yourself and can stand up for yourself.

However, staying with you for too long, he realizes that your self-confidence is nothing more than narcissism. You reduce everything to yourself beloved, becoming in his eyes incredibly selfish. You remember your partner only when you want something from him.


Refinement is the most pleasant feature of Capricorns. You raise the bar high and try to achieve the best results without spending time on things that do not interest you. This is exactly what your partner adores.

However, your exquisite taste at some point may seem to your partner too selective and snobbish. You do not want to go exactly to this restaurant, you do not want to spend time with just this people, something always does not suit you. Your partner considers this behavior extremely unattractive.


Aquarius love to stand out. You always have different opinions, unusual hair color and a unique sense of style. It is this ability to be like no other who is interested in your partner.

Of course, there is a well-defined difference between uniqueness and singularity and simple eccentricity. There is nothing attractive in highlighting from the crowd in an unattractive way. Sometimes your actions even make your partner perplexed.


Fish are endowed with all the qualities of a wonderful partner: kindness, romance and dedication. How can you not fall in love? What he did, however, this does not mean that you have no unattractive features.

Chief among them is your desire to appear to be who you really are not. Your partner wants to see only you, and not to encounter every time a complete stranger to him. Think about it, do you really need this relationship?