6 psychological manipulations to make a man lose his head

There are special techniques with which you can literally force any man to be ready to move mountains for you. These methods work so effectively that some consider them to be almost divination or witchcraft. In fact, this is not the case, you just need to plug in a bit of female tricks, and the desired will be in your pocket.

1. Long eye contact

The “eye to eye” look acts very many-sided - it confuses, and makes you worry, and excites, and falls in love at the same time. Try this simple reception on who you have long liked, and you will see that the person will begin to show unprecedented interest in you.

2. Unavailability

As you know, men love inaccessible women, those who need to seek, prove their love and constantly reach new heights. By nature, men are fighters, so for the heart of the lady they like, they prefer to fight for life and death. Especially if it is the icy heart of the Snow Queen, which must be melted.

3. Active gesticulation

Men are attracted to women, who during a conversation actively gesticulate and thereby express their emotions. This is a kind of portal to hidden emotionality, which is usually not available to men, which is why they are so attracted to the demonstration of feelings in women.

4. Quiet voice

This feature is inherent in a person in the subconscious - a quiet calm voice always tunes in a positive way, because it is associated with the voice of the mother when she sings her lullaby to her child. At such moments, you feel complete peace and a sense of security. That is why men are very attracted to a measured female voice, rather than screaming and noise, which, on the contrary, makes the nervous system over-excited.

5. Slow speech

Another indicator that magnetically affects men. It is believed that slow, unhurried speech is much more attractive to the interlocutor than fast and confused. And besides, men consider it incredibly erotic and exciting.

6. Detachment

A woman who is a little unconscious and hovers in the clouds always attracts the attention of the opposite sex. Men really want to solve her riddle and penetrate deep into its secrets. As a rule, such a lady is always surrounded by admirers who seek to grasp her subtle mental organization and be on the same wavelength with her.