7 bags that will give sophistication to women over 40

Designers delight us with a variety of bags - for every taste, color and wallet. Choosing a bag, it is better to take into account its practicality and versatile color that fits your basic wardrobe.

Elegant bag with gold clasps

The black bag is a versatile accessory that will never go out of style. Designers call this model “the handbag of a happy woman”, because lipstick, a telephone and a passport should be placed in it.

Bag Giorgio Costa,. Bag Giorgio Costa,.

With love. Vintage.

Many designers create spectacular models based on vintage and classic models of bags. This roomy model is suitable for carrying documents, and for a romantic picnic.
Roberto Buono bag,. Roberto Buono bag,.

Sicilian wine color

Luxury leather bag for business and evening dates. Ideal with blue, gray, gold, brown colors. This bag is for women who know what they want and who are resolutely moving towards their goal.
Nardelli bag, Nardelli bag,

Light spacious bag

Suitable for a strict suit, dress, but also accommodates a diary, a tablet and a bottle of water. Roomy concise bag of impeccable color, which is so easily combined with almost any of your way.
Max & Enjoy bag. Max & Enjoy bag.

Universal Chocolate

Chocolate color has long been called the "new black". Suitable for brunettes and brown-haired women and blondes, perfect for outerwear, combined with almost all colors and shades - will definitely fit into any basic wardrobe.
Bag Tervolina,. Bag Tervolina,.

Royal blue

The serene blue color of this bag will balance the state of mind of you and those around you. Ideal with pastel colors. Pick up a brooch or cravat of a subtle shade. By the way, it is not at all necessary to select shoes to match the bag.
Bag Lamania,. Bag Lamania,.

Suede luxury

This suede bag is out of season, timeless. It looks expensive and respectable, and the gentle surface seems to be specially created to touch it. The length of the handles is convenient for both outerwear and thin blouses.
Bag Tervolina,. Bag Tervolina,.