Perfume, which leaves a special plume in the cold: 8 new products


Winter scent is not necessarily a festive scent. Holidays smell of cinnamon, fir, firewood and fresh cookies. But we do not need to tell you that winter lasts longer than the holiday season, so your seasonal scent should take you to the first days of spring. Winter perfumes should be warm and sensual, as well as persistent, so that the fragrance lingers on your favorite sweater.

Regardless of whether you like gourmet chocolate or vanilla notes or prefer floral, in our selection you will find eight of the best new flavors that you will surely like and will be very useful this winter.

Mutiny, Maison Margiela

Tuberose, leather chords, saffron, oud and vanilla are a fragrance for those who prefer the more subdued and merging with the skin to the sweet aromas.

Kayali Vanilla, Huda Beauty

If you love vanilla, and we are sure that you love vanilla, then this gourmet sweet, but not clotly aroma will please you.

Her burberry

The first fruit notes quickly evaporate and they are replaced by warm and spicy chords of jasmine, musk and amber.

Mercer Street, Ouai

Have you ever had a shampoo that smelled so delicious that you wanted it to be in the form of a perfume? Hairdresser Jen Atkin brought this dream to life with the help of Mercer Street fragrance, inspired by her Ouai hair care line.

Carat, Cartier

The fragrance with notes of hyacinth, iris, violet, ylang-ylang, honeysuckle, narcissus and tulip does not smell like a flower shop, but very soft, airy and gentle and ideal for the first days of spring.

Nº5, Chanel

This classic fragrance probably needs no introduction. A few months ago, he was also released in a limited edition in a red bottle - in honor of Mademoiselle Chanel's favorite color.

Dark Papyrus, Alexander McQueen

Notes of papyrus and black currant buds combine to create the most unusual woody fragrance of the year.

Nets, Cocoa Woods

To sweet tooth note: this woody gourmet aroma resembles the most fashionable, exquisite chocolate bar that you have ever had, with bitter-sweet notes of sequoia tree, white sandalwood, tiara flower and Thai ginger.