5 magic threads, for which you need to pull, so that the man gave you gifts

Who would not say, but men's gifts are very important in relationships. It is with them that he shows how dear a woman is to him, how seriously he perceives your union, and what prerogatives he has in the future. But it so happens that the chosen one is good to everyone, but he does not want to bestow presents with presents. What then to do? To help, as always, will come female cunning and ingenuity.

1. Speak directly about what you want

For some reason, when ordering gifts, many women use just the opposite tactics - they express themselves in hints, equipments and detours. It has long been proven - men do not understand this. If you have long wanted to get the coveted gift, tell your chosen one directly about it. It is possible that he simply does not know your desires, and does not want to give you gifts. So help him - just voice your desire and that's it.

2. Press down on pity

You can use the horse in the form of pity. Tell us about how long you have dreamed of this gift, how you could not save up for it, how madly you want to have this thing, but due to life circumstances you cannot afford it. To heighten the effect, you can let a tear, usually in this case, men simply can not resist the poor poor woman.

3. Look under your requests

You know the simple truth - the more expensive a woman looks, the more valuable she gives gifts. Based on this, draw conclusions. If you want really worthy gifts, then create an image to match this. Be for your man well-groomed, stylishly and elegantly dressed, fashionable and provided, and then he just does not dare to give you a bauble or some cheap stuff.

4. Do not push too hard.

It is imperceptible to remind you that soon your birthday or anniversary of joint relations is a move of a wise and intelligent woman. But to bombard your man with constant conversations and questions about what he gives you is a tactic that, on the contrary, can turn him away from you. Men do not like pressure and intrusiveness, so, most importantly, do not overdo it and be careful.

5. Use his good attitude towards you.

Do not play like an impregnable iron lady when he offers his help, but boldly use the men's goods that are offered to you. Do not be afraid to pass for mercantile - in our time this will surprise no one. Let a man pay for you in a restaurant and shop, pay your bills and sponsor your vacation. Be a good girl for him and praise as often as you can and talk about how much you love him, and the man’s heart will not be able to withstand the one who worships him.